Monday, October 15, 2012

Inspirational Snippet: Fear

Face Your Fears even if it is one fear a minute, a day, a week or month.   You just need to begin somewhere. This energetic time that we are in is providing ample opportunity to get in touch with our greatest fears and release them for good.  Last evening I was teaching a class last week and as I often do, I had my students pull some messages for themselves.  I participated with them as I always do.  I pulled the mantra card that said:  “ I release all fears and doubt.”

Later, on my drive home, I felt for me it was more about doubt that I was experiencing regarding a few things I have been wanting and working on manifesting for some time now in my personal life. When I woke up this morning in bed, I pondered that card and felt that I got more clarity--doubt is really the same as fear.  Doubt comes from the fear of something in the past, the future or present.  I realized that in my situation, it is associated with fear that it will not happen.  Fear that the person has not changed.  Fear that I am wrong, but how can I be?  Everything in this universe is showing me beautiful truths.  It helps for me to recognize that fear and doubt are the same. 

This morning I was preparing to write a message for my facebook fanpage and was prompted to share it with all of you...

"Spend some time alone in quiet thought, clear your mind and focus upon your light and inner truth. Contemplate your truth and prioritize the dreams of your will appreciate that more as you become in tune with your nature."

To me this speaks to the fears thing.  If we are never alone in quiet contemplation then we can never allow ourselves to see our inner truth, fears and doubts which are so necessary for this part of our journey.  In order to make your dreams come true, it is important to clear your mind and focus upon your light --that means clear away doubts and fears. 

My wish for you is to remove one fear a day.

Love to you,

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