Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Channeled Message: On Be-ing

Channeled Message from The ArchAngelic Realm of Light through EstaRa in Guilford, CT on Monday, October 15, 2012.

This message was channeled last evening right before my New Moon Meditation Teleconference.  The New Moon is a time for New Beginnings and Clearing of the Old so that the New Beginnings may happen more easily.

Dear ones,

You are on a journey to find your truth.  The truth of who you are is more magnificent than you can imagine.  During this time upon your earth we promised you there would be a great deal of change and transformation and we promised your “earth time” would speed up, has it not?  It is clearly a time for all that is to reveal itself to you through you.  Simply stated, it is time for you to see that you are God; you are being of divine love that has incarnated on this planet at this time to see that truth and to create a new reality for the inhabitants upon the earth.  We have offered you advice along the way to let go of all that no longer serves you and some of you have taken that advice while others have not.  It is not simply that one is right and another is wrong; it is simply apparent that some of you are being throttled against time in order to move and align things within yourself.  You are now here to claim your divine birthright of being the light and love that you are
Did you know that in be-ing you are more magnificent than in do-ing?  Did you know that your light is multitudes brighter than it once was?  The shift is occurring as we communicate to you.  The shifting of your earth has been in process/progress for several years now and finally dear humans,  we wish for you to get on board so that you are not tossed about during the physical changes within the earth and your bodies. The pouring of light upon your planet is creating more changes. The more light within you the more aligned you are with your higher selves and higher purpose.  What is that purpose EstaRa is asking? (Asking on behalf of the many that ask me.)  It is simply in BE-ing the light and love of oneness.   It is simply in feeling whole and complete. 

It is emphasized that you work within yourself on a daily basis to increase the light.  We say decrease the distractions as they are no longer working for you to numb yourselves; but they are creating a disparage between your light quotient and the light quotient necessary for an easy and graceful transition into the fully multi-dimensional earth that is about to be “unearthed”. (laughter happened at the comment of "unearthed". )  The more light you pull into you, the more you upgrade your bodies the more you are able to withstand the changes that are coming in a balanced way.  The universe has set itself up to create imbalance all around you so that you will be able to easily identify that which no longer serves you and release it.  We encourage you to take notice and release it.  For when you release that which no longer serves you, you find that your creation power grows and has no limits to what magnificence you can create. We wish you to be creators of light.  And so it is.

We are the Angelic Realm of Light.

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