Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Energy Thoughts: Web of Time

Hi Everyone,

A couple of years ago, I channeled a message at the Shekinah Temple in New York about time being circular from the Keeper of Time.  I was told to step in the center of the room to demonstrate and I did.  As I stood there, I was told time is circular around us because in a 3D world that would make more sense; however, later I received more clarity showing me that time is actually in a spiral around us weaving together timelines, dimensions and spaces; ie past/present/future.  The Keeper of Time had me demonstrate how we can easily step into another direction of time while standing in front of the group I was channeling to.  I remember I stepped diagonally left and then moved back in center and moved to the right.   It was a simple demonstration that with intent and faith you easily can move along the path to the “timeline” that you wish hence why some people can easily access information while others cannot.  It is simply about being in the present.  The center represented the present and only when one is present can one “control” their movement in time and space. I place control in quotes because it is not control in the sense that the word is often used rather it is more specifically about choice so maybe the word choice is more appropriate here. 

As you move along your ascension the time and space around you (you being in center) begins to look like a web created around you.  It wasn’t until just this morning after my meditation that I sat down to write this email to all of you that I realized perhaps that is what the spiders have been trying to tell me.  (Many you may or may not be aware—I was surrounded by spiders since July—bitten and sick from them perhaps this will fix the “ickyness” I have been undergoing—.)  Perhaps they are showing me what I can create with the above knowledge or what is being created based upon the above knowledge without being fully aware of what I am creating.  Either way, it doesn’t matter what has happened—it simply matters what I do with this information now.  What you all do with this information now that it has presented itself to you.  I often remind you and tell you that you create your own reality; however, this email information is projecting more of a visual image of what I have been saying and in more concrete terms.  The channeling I did about time was recorded so I thought and typed up I thought, but I have not been able to find it anywhere—if any of you do have it, please let me know.   I suppose it does not matter because in the last couple of weeks the words have been coming up so clearly and well here is your energy update due to it.

While working with the Keeper of Time, I was also told that time would collapse upon itself –hence the dimensions/ alternate realities/timelines would appear all at once and it was important for us to remain in balance to navigate it.  This makes sense as balance, balance, balance that my guides have always emphasized so often and frequently to my students and clients was because if one is not in balance in their 3rd Dimensional world how on earth (I love how I just wrote that) would they be able to balance a mulit-dimensional world?    Dear ones, that is what this time is about! It is happening and has been happening all around us consistently as we merged in the 11-11-11 gateway (last November of 2011—doesn’t really matter the exact earth year as I have been just showing you above dates/time/space is subjective dependent upon your navigation within interdimensional reality.)   I  bring this to your forefront because it is now that you must pay attention.  If all timelines are collapsing then it is imperative that you realize that you may be experiencing things that have passed by or yet to come along with the present circumstance in 3D, in addition to the other timelines/dimensions hence much of the full circle feelings that are coming up for many of you.   Many of you have been living in the realms of light which are meant to be balanced and they are; however, the navigation has been difficult for many because some have been living a more enlightened path and ready for the complete shift of all humanity into the multi-dimensional reality while others/those around us (loved ones or not) have not.  So imagine there is a spider web at the doorway to your house and you see it so clearly and the person next to you no matter what cannot see it. The difficulty is that things are appearing/showing themselves in a way that we are/or not expecting.   I will use my twinflame experience:  I have been living in a place where my twinflame and I are and have been in constant contact in the etheric realm for many years now; but as you all know it  has not manifested into a daily physical living thing as of yet.  However, since moving to my new home last year after the 11-11-11 gateway, I have had moments when it (the dimension) blurs and I am not sure what is real or not because I am in the reality of it is here now. How does that work, you ask?  For example, since moving here I have times when I come home from being out for a period of time, and when I unlock the door to come in, I feel like he is there waiting for me in another room.  Or when I speak with him on the phone sometimes I forget what he “knows” about us and what he doesn’t.   Ironically or I should say expectantly, he is doing the same things when I speak with him—sharing things with me that show me he has moved along his awakening and is with me even when he is not.  Even those people around us who are kicking and screaming to not awaken and stay enmeshed in 3D can’t stop that anymore than I can make it happen or not.  They are coming along even if it is at snail pace—they are coming along.  Sometimes I have my doubts if they (twinflame/family/friends/students/clients) are coming along on this ascension trail of light because if I choose to see with only human eyes (3D blinders) then it looks like anything but what I would like to happen.  However, when I allow my perspective to get larger and see in the multidimensional world (which I have been in contact and visiting since I was a child—with pockets of running away from it because my “vision” was very different than everyone around me) I see the progress—it is slow, but steady…isn’t that what they say about the the tortoise and the hare?  So see they (twinflames/family/friends/etc) will ascend too. Remember it is not for us to judge anyone’s journey for where they are, not even our own journey, but it is for us to focus upon our lives and what we wish to create in these timelines/realities/new earth.

love and light, EstaRa

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