Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Inspirational Snippet: Unconditional Love

So if you read my previous entry about my Twinflame then you can understand where this fits in.  He is not the only one I have feel unconditional love for, but he is the one who with all my experiences with him (good, bad and indifferent) has taught me the most about loving someone unconditionally.  Anyway, onto today's snippet...I started the Spread Love Campaign July 2011 to help make it a global movement to spread love with chalk because it is fun, easy and really assists with intention.  However, I have since decided I want to make it more than just chalk expressions of love---(I still welcome pictures of chalk love) I want it to be a place where people can share how they are spreading love to the world and they can do it by simply posting pictures, thoughts or words on my page.  So this long story is because this morning I started to write a message on my Spread Love Campaign Page, but it is something that needs to be shared.  So here is the message I posted: 

"The only way to truly love is unconditionally. It is the most difficult truth to digest because we are in a society where it has been so ingrained in conditions for love. Try today to show someone pure, divine unconditional love and see what happens."

It is not that difficult to love someone that is easy to love like a partner or a child, but what happens when they hurt you?  Or someone mistreats you?  Is it possible to simply love a soul?  Is it possible to simply love them when they do things that you don't like, that you disapprove of?  Is it possible to love someone who has hurt your heart?  

I remember when I was younger, I was often afraid to tell people how I felt so if I did I wouldn't talk to them again because I was embarrassed or thought they wouldn't like me any longer.  The reality was that I barely told people what I felt because I didn't want to lose friends.   

It is years later and I can look back upon my life and see how much fear I lived in when I was younger.  I was afraid someone would really see me with all the bumps and bruises of being a human upon the planet earth. The truth is we all go through the same things we just may not appear that way outwardly some of us are much better at hiding it.  I realize now that in relationships you don't have to worry about all those things or for some of you who still do—you shouldn’t have to worry about those things.    In a healthy relationship (whatever the relationship is), you can say what you feel and what you think while being able to resume normal behavior.  It shouldn’t be disruptive to the flow of the relationship simply because someone wishes to say how they feel.  It is a matter of everyone feeling free to be themselves.  

I find that being able to tell people how you feel is one step toward unconditional love.  How does that figure in, you ask?  Well, if you love them unconditionally you feel free to say what you need to say and you accept whatever reaction/response you receive from them.  If there reaction is less than loving, then perhaps it is time to re-evaluate your relationship or your beliefs about it. If you are not comfortable and are disappointed with what they have to say or how they reacted that simply shows you that there is something left for you to still work on. I admit that this is probably one of the hardest things to handle especially when we have been so clearly entrenched in judgment in our society; but it always helps me to remember that someone’s reaction is based on their experiences just as my reaction is based on my experiences.  

My wish for you today is that you show unconditional love to someone today. 

Be Love,

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