Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Energy Thoughts: See One Another as a Child

Hello Everyone,

Just some thoughts to share on the energy that came in with the New Moon on Monday
(ooo I loved that song by Duran Duran).  

There is much to prepare for.  The new energies (which are to be the prevalent ongoing energies) are slamming down on our planet.  Slamming seems the most appropriate word for some of us.  Those who have been on this path for sometime are finally getting their wings to fly and feel free to be themselves; while others are being hit hard because it is not a beautiful slow, subtle dance.  Many are getting hit with the energy and caught off guard—but it is only until they allow themselves  to see what is real for them and truth for them in this world of illusion—not by other people’s standards which quite often they have adopted as their own along the way.  It is time to be supportive of one another…see each other as you would see a child—we are all in learning at this time. 

As children, your actions and reactions were based in truth. You allowed your feelings to match your action: if you were sad, you cried. If you were happy, you may have danced, twirled and played eagerly, if you were angry, you often threw on a temper tantrum, but no matter way you likely freely let your feelings flow using of all your senses necessary to express what you needed to. You learned over time from the adults around you that behaving in that way was inappropriate and you began to bottle up those emotions and thoughts therefore causing such complex relationships as you got older and became adults.  Look at children and really see them—they simply live in the present moment.  They experience what is in their now.  This is what living life fully in its truest sense means.  This is what we are striving for in the “new times” ahead.   For many that may seem still quite the inappropriate way to be, but that is simply because you may have been trained/brainwashed/controlled into believing you are “supposed” to show that. (I spent a good portion of the day with a beautiful lil child yesterday and she helped me to see her side of things in essence helped me connect to what is happening to us upon the planet as we transition to authentically living as a new multidimensional human.—Thanks for the inspiration Lily!)

It is important that you know you are all regaining the ability to be like a “child” once again and express yourself fully.  The earth is transitioning rapidly and feelings are coming up to be felt and released.  The more you try not to feel them the more they will begin to show themselves to you in ways that are not comfortable and inappropriate. The only way to “cure” such things is to live authentically in your truth even if it takes time to connect and “re-learn” your truth.   It is best to be kind to yourself at this time and gentle with those around you where you once reacted to be people in how they spoke/behaved/acted  from a place of fear—see them with compassion for their behaviors could be quite surprising for them too.  Remember they too are waking up.  Where actions/behaviors may have been a coping mechanism for them, they may just now be aware of what they have been/are doing.  Keep in mind as they awaken from their slumber of illusion/numb, they are like toddlers learning to walk and they will continue to make mistakes along the way, but now they can allow themselves to learn from them rather than continually recommitting them.   Again, see them with compassion as you would a child learning to walk and navigate around  your home—does the child not “mess things up” once in awhile?    See yourselves with compassion too…because as you change you are relearning as you go as well.

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