Monday, December 3, 2012

Energy Thoughts: 12-12-12 Endless Possibilities

Greetings Energy Friends,

It has been a couple of weeks since my last energy thoughts update.  I have been treading through my stuff/gunk/emotions/clearings in all times/spaces/levels/dimension seen and unseen.  It has been an amazing journey thus far and many of you are holding the space for clearing as well so you, too, know what I mean.  Huge transformations are at hand and I mean HUGE!!!  There is so much happening within each individual upon the planet that they are not even able to grasp the enormity of what is happening.  Now, there are some of you saying (I am sure I know who—sometimes even myself included), what changes?  Who is changing?   Brace yourselves dears because when we close the year of 2012 it will be momentous.  We are in for a transitional ride of our life so to speak.   If you take but a few moments to look around the world and breathe in the energy available, you will have new “eyes” to view the world with.   But if you continue to hold your breath and keep it shallow then you limit the capacity of not only your breath, but your vision as well.

My guides encourage us to not limit ourselves in what we believe is possible.  Do you remember Alice in Wonderland? I barely remember the movie (it has been so many years since I saw it—perhaps it is time to see it again? Hmmm)  I have a few quotes from the movie that I must share that I have seen from time to time that stand out as perfect for this time and space in my Energy Thoughts for this week.  I digress, anyway back to the favorite quote from that movie is—“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”  It is time to believe in your wildest dreams for they are possible—both on the “world stage” as well as individually and UNIVERSE-ally.  However, the catch is if you are not opened and encumbered by holding onto what you used to believe (ie limiting beliefs that is) then you have to work on stretching that “Believe in the Impossible” muscle.  It is of the utmost importance at this time in humanity.  

For example—what happens when humans keep their hearts and minds open? What happens when souls are aligned with their free wills and open to the future, with an unlimited view of the magnificent possibilities?   The outcome could far surpass what was once thought  possible to conceive of with the present perspective or the quickly dismantling “old view”. 

So this all brings me to another Alice In Wonderland quote:  “Who in the world am I ? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.” What a quote!  What a truth!    Isn’t that what we are all awakening to?  Is the answer to the question not—you are God clothed as a human? (by the way I tried typing Angelic Being and it wouldn’t go so I went back to God as you know I am greatly influenced by the unseen beings who have been there and done that in terms of the Ascension times) You wonder what that means I am sure.  It is all about who you are and discovering you—that is the Awakening-- this term that is so overtalked/overused in society today because well it gets your attention, does it not?  Well we are at the gate everyone for the Ascension of Humanity.  The Gate will open on 12-12-12.   What does that mean ?  If you ask a million people you will get perhaps a million and one answers; however, the truth remains that  a “great shift” will occur/has occurred/is occurring in Human Consciousness—that is the waking up that we are referring to.  The shift will move the power back to you the God being that you are—not to some external “being” in the sky that decides if you go to heaven or hell—no not anymore!   Quick secret---there is no heaven or hell; therefore, there is no judgment; there is simply love and acceptance.

Brings me to another quote from Alice in Wonderland “How puzzling all these changes are!  I’m never sure what I’m going to be, from one minute to another.”  Yep you guessed it! It is time to see yourself as the creator of your life/reality/experience.  We have been telling you for some time to choose thoughts/feelings/beliefs carefully and with discernment and some have listened and are experiencing a “lighter” transition/turmoil while others have not and they are experiencing a “heavier” transition/turmoil.  Changes are happening all around you even in the slight moments you doubt and do not believe because in your physical reality it is does not seem apparent around you.  But we ask you to look within you and your life over the last year to see what is there. Do you not feel different? Do you not see yourself making ever so subtle changes in how you react/think/choose?  It doesn’t always look the way we think it should, but the truth is that you must change within in order to change the with-out (external circumstances/world stage, etc). I always said why wish for world peace because if you do not know what peace is for you then how can you know how to attain world peace?  It has to start within and it has.

The move to oneness has been happening with the onset of 11-11-11…it just doesn’t always look the way you wish it did, but know that with this Gateway on 12-12-12 that you will begin to see the physical manifestations of those changes for on this day the New Earth is being birthed.    The gateway is being opened and there are those of you on the earth at this time that are here to assist humanity with its “ascension” and are needed to hold the space for all and create the new reality because after that date you will bring forward what you have asked for so we ask you to transcend the ideas of good and bad, sympathy and antipathy, and hold the space for love, closure of duality (belief that you are separate).  It is time for you to expand your hearts and consciousness beyond the limits that you put there or others have (what was once deemed impossible) and see that you have the POWER—you have always had the power, but now you know you do, so get ready to CREATE.  The key to creation in this new energy after 12-21-12 is LOVE and unlocks the magic you can create.   

Hold the space on 12-12-12 for LOVE  for some of you are the gate keepers/way showers/path pavers/lightworkers (whatever you would like to call yourselves) that are necessary in making the Shift of Humanity take place.  The task at hand is simple and yet complex at the same time—stay in your heart.  Stay in your heart/love center/soul’s truth in the midst of chaos/calamity/craziness. Stay there in the midst of trials/tribulations/transitions.  Stay there in the midst of joy/jubilation/jolly.  In essence, we are asking you to just stay there in your heart so that you can ride the wave as the consciousness shifts fast forward into a wild ride.  The questions you could be asking are: What will I create?  What do I want now?  What do I wish for the world?  Then simply allow the answer to flow to you from LOVE.

That is all for this week’s Energy Thoughts—as you can tell my guides stepped in/my higher self took over and boy it felt really good to write this today—on a roll. 

Welcome all you beautiful beings to the New Earth Party!  By the way to finish on a note from Alice in Wonderland, join in the celebration for 12-12-12 so you don't have to say: "I'm late. I'm late. I'm late for a very important date."

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