Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lemon Mint , Lunch in Luxor

We took the bus to our restaurant that was not far away. We all agreed that doing the Valley of the Kings so close to the energetic work of Hatshepsut was too much. We needed to recover. It was really odd to me that today was such a beautiful weather day and yet I feel such sadness and tears.
We got to the restaurant. A lot of the restaurants are on the top floors of the buildings probably because of the amazing views of Luxor. I mean the pictures in this blog are amazing, but they do not capture the true essence of how beautiful it is. By the way, that is the Nile River, just in case you did not know...she is beautiful, isn't she? I am so grateful to say that I was there.

We gathered around this restaurant to be served a homestyle type of meal and yes the first thing they brought out was bread! I was so excited to have a bathroom that was not moving and one that had a door, running water and toilet paper and it was clean! Thus far, bathroom highlight. I even joked about taking a picture of it because I was so impressed, but I figured I would save you all from having to see a bathroom picture. Realy, it was amazing, but then again you would have to be on the trip to understand the amazement of this bathroom.

I ordered my new favorite drink, lemon mint. It is really an incredible find, I wonder if I can manifest that back at home. Let me tell you I am definitely going to try this summer...anyone have mint growing in their garden? If so, please, please, please send some my way and I will make you a special drink of lemon and mint. Quite refreshing and delicious. Anyway, the food was fabulous at this restaurant. It was not just a rice dish with tomato sauce over it. There was some delicious chicken, of course rice, but the meal had other things like a potato casserole which I couldn't get enough of. It was finally a meal that I could eat and enjoy. There was, of course, the good ole standby of bread, rice and tomato sauce.

All in all, it was delish! (a word that my twinflame often uses--it comes in handy--thank you, dear soul!)

We finished lunch and then we are making our way back to the hotel in Luxor, but by way of the hotel we are stopping in Karnack to visit the Sekmet Temple and do an initiation with Sekmet. Talk about a jam packed day and filled day...

And, yes this is the temple I am leaving my garnet in....wish me luck...


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