Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Temple of Hatshepsut

We are here. I stop crying long enough to get out of the buss. After we entered through the main entrance we had to make our way out to the temple which you can tell by the picture was very far away.

After we entered through the main entrance where you hand in your tickets, we were led over to a "tram" which was like a much larger version of a golf cart and there were three "cars" attached to take us closer to the Temple. We made our way over to the Temple. It was probably one of the hottest days we experienced so far, but it could be because we are in a desert? hahaha
I kept getting pulled to look up at the rocks--it was like they were calling to me. Look at the mountain of rocks in this picture just above the temple--amazing what you can see. If you look closely, you can see many faces in these rocks. I feel like the faces represent the many "visitors" who have come to Hatshepsut's Temple.

We gathered around down in front of the Temple as Solara channeled information about the energy of the Temple.
While this Temple is called the Temple of Hatshepsut, Solara's guides channeled that this place is all about balance. The balance of the light and dark energies that are here. Hathor being on the left hand side when you are facing the temple up close you see that the left side represents the Hathors the light and the right side represents Anubis the dark. The "mission" on this visit is to connect with the Hathor energy and the Anubis energy and to balance with both. "The Hathors have been considered to be about fertility and abundance and love, and therefore their energy is like the experience of Christ consciousness."--Solara An Ra.

As Solara channeled, I started to cry and really cry again. There were a few of us that stood there and cried as she spoke. It was not so much what she was saying--for me it was all the feelings that I had been feeling from the bus ride over. It was as if the energy of this place was allowing me to feel all that I needed to feel since the beginning of this trip. Another portion of her message from the Pleiadians was, "Allow all feelings while in the place of the Hathors to emerge within you – any thoughts and beliefs about lack – any fears about lack, insecurity and what will happen on the Earth plane – allow them to emerge, and then sound the sound of the Hathors in order to transmute them into your knowing and experience of abundance. This is a healing, and you will receive gifts from this connection with this particular frequency of Light and Dark which are holding the sides of this temple space. You must relax, you must relax in this place. You must relax and integrate. You must relax." One of my light family members, Soquehilea (okay not sure I can spell the name), but she was wonderful and really helpful to me at this particular time. Everyone on this trip has been incredibly loving and giving. I am so grateful that these beautiful beings are on this trip with me. Ya know, when I signed up for this trip, I really hadn't any idea what I had in store for me. I hadn't expected the journey I have had thus far and the best part is I didn't expect the beautiful connections I am making.

When Solara finished channeling, we headed up the steps over to the Hathor side first.

We started off as a group up the steps and then each of us one by one separated to wherever we felt pulled. I was extremely emotional at this Temple. It felt like the energy of this temple opened the flood gates for me to release. I really resonated with the side of the Hathors. I came to Egypt thinking that I would connect with Isis and yes, I felt good with Isis, but Hathor is who really is beginning to resonate with me since my visit to Edfu. I went to the Hathor side first. The Hathor side had really amazing energy. The view was amazing, the sun was shining bright and it just felt like a wonderful day. So why was I crying? At this point, I wasn't even sure anymore. I just knew the tears were coming.

The Hathors were amazing. There is no way humans like us were able to create such amazing structures.
I walked over to the other side of the temple to Anubis is the God associated with mummification and the funerary practices in Egypt. He was a jackal headed God. I didn't feel the same energy as the Hathor side--it was a little heavier and a little unnerving. It really was just different energy so I don't think it was heavier.
The wall reliefs, paintings and structures of this temple were well preserved.

The experience here at this temple has been extremely different for me than the others. I just couldn't stop being emotional. This temple was about balance and Solara An Ra encouraged us to spend time on both sides of the temple. I really didn't want to go to the Anubis side at all, but then I felt like I should go there. I spent very little time there at first. Then, I went and sat down on the wall along the steps. The wall there provided good seating for me. I just sat and cried. I connected with the energy of the place and did what the Pleiadians suggested and thought about what fears I had and let them go. I cried some more. I just sat in the long hot sun by myself and cried. A lot of the time I cried I wasn't even sure what I was crying for. I made my way down to my group and we sat on the wall waiting for the "golf carts" to come get us. Even thought this morning has been extremely emotional it felt refreshing to know that so many people cared and loved me on this trip--not because of what I do or did, but because of who I am...another member of the light family.
We sat on this wall for a little while in the warm sun--I was actually hot--go figure--most of the time I have been freezing.

Just when we were about to board the "tram" back, I saw the refreshment stand. I walked over to see what they had for food and boy was I the happiest I had been yet. I saw containers with almonds and bought two of them and a bag of chips. I know, I know chips not really healthy food, but it was non-bread food! hahaha I bought another water too and piled my backpack with the booty that I bought. I am so excited to have this stuff to take back with me on my travels--just in case I encounter more bread and need food.


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