Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Channeled Message: Valentine's Day 2011

Channeled Live in Milford, CT on February 13, 2011. This was transcribed by a friend and my guides have "filled in the blanks" so to speak as my friend was worried she didn't catch it all.
Greetings dear ones,

On the eve on your human day of love we come to you with a message of love. EstaRa doesn't always trust, but we are quieting her mind. You humans put much into material things on this plane, please know that it is not necessary any longer. This day of love should be that---a day of love. Your self love--each of you knows exactly what that love is---it is always with you---within you.

You may be wondering how do I invoke this love within me when I am alone or feeling alone? Be love and share love with everyone you meet and everyone in your presence. It is that simple and that complicated. Love is the energy on the planet that has been activated. It is within your grasp at every moment possible. In sharing love with everyone, everywhere activates that love in your heart and opens your heart wider. We say it is complicated because to access that love is to put aside your fears and let your walls come down. Now, is the optimum time to let down your walls for when you put out love you will find love.

Remember, dear ones, your work is love. Your life is love, your happiness is love, your tears are love. Everything is love. Remember dear ones, the time is now all is possible, anything you dream is possible. You can make it happen through love. Be in love, feel that love. You are all the love you need.

(My guides led everyone that night into connecting with their heart center and I saw as spirals of light began going into their crowns. Light poured into their heart center and out. At the end of this meditation, my guides said the following:) Feel the energy of love in your heart center, spreading out to the remaining parts of your body... Let that be your beacon to go forth.

It is with love, honor and respect that we bring you this message.

We are the Masters of Light.

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