Monday, April 4, 2011

Channeled Message: Anticipation

Channeled Live Friday, April 1, 2011 at Soul Star Healing in Middletown, CT through EstaRa.

Greetings Dear Ones,

We have asked EstaRa to hold you here for a few moments to impart some wisdom to you this evening. Many of you have a great deal of fear we fear we feel that beneath all that is going on in your human time. We feel the fear underlying this evening dear ones. We feel you and we love you. Be not afraid we ask you to change your fear into anticipation. An emotion that many of you have forgotten. Many of you have been raised in believing in Santa Claus, have you not dear one? And, If you recall the memories of your earth childhood where you waited for Santa Claus, do you not recall this sense of anticipation, dear ones? We think you do we believe you do if you allow yourself to tap into the moments inside of you. At this moment in time, it is necessary for you to remember the sense of anticipation for in your lives each and every one of you know that the earth changes can be overcome through the sense of anticipation versus the sense of fear. Fear will stop you in your tracks and prevent you from moving forward therefore bringing more havoc in your lifetime dear ones. However, when you have a sense of anticipation is it not more of a feeling of surprise and glory and happiness because anticipation of that which you want to occur will come and bring you more than you ever dreamed could happen upon your earth time and space.

We wish to tell you that the chaos, dear ones, is already here upon your planet. And in moments you choose to follow the chaos of those around you and the drama of those around you. We ask you to stay centered within yourselves. EstaRa teaches this, does she not? She speaks these words daily. She imparts this wisdom quite often to each of you when she sees you. It is a lesson she has learned and continues to learn upon her path of light. However, she has chosen this path of enlightenment she has chosen to become enlightened prior to this time so that she can be a way shower to each and every one of you. She understands the path that is ahead and she knows more than she can even comprehend in human 3D. EstaRa is part of our council of elders she is part of all of humanity’s consciousness. She has chosen to come back in this life to teach. Listen to her words for her words are our words as well.

We are here to help you on your journey. We ask you to remain in your balance and in your inside peace for inside you dear ones is where you will always find your peace while the storm brews around you. You will find your peace inside of you. We know, dear ones, how difficult your path has been, but we wish to tell you that if you choose a path of light it will be much easier and the path of light is simply following your heart and your inner truth for your inner truth is always the way in which to go, dear ones. Always listen to your inner truth. For it is what will lead you to what you desire. Do not worry what everyone else thinks in your life or around you. Many of you will make decisions in your current life that will surprise those around you. Sometimes it is a difficult path if you look at it that way , dear ones.

Estara knows for she has chosen that path many times with the people she surrounds herself with. It changes many times. But she also knows this is where her heart has led her. And her heart is bringing her what she desires. For you too dear ones. You shall have that which you desire. We caution you to know that which you desire. If you are unsure refocus your thoughts to what you wish to bring. For what you think and feel will create your reality in this human 3D that is now being compressed with the 5D beliefs and realities of humanity that has been created and is being brought down to this earth. This is your journey dear ones you have choices. We wish you to choose well. We bring you this message with light and love. We honor and respect you.

We are the Masters of Light.

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