Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Channeled Message: Standing Together in Light

Channeled Live May 6, 2011 in Middletown, CT.

Greetings, dear ones.
We hear all your messages this evening and all your worries and all your thoughts, dear ones. (QUESTION: What are we to do? Do we as lightworkers stand alone underground or gather together?)
In answer to your question, it is your choice, dear ones, do you wish to stand alone
underground or do you wish to stand in unison with others if you wish to. It is your job to shine your light. That is why coming together as groups as EstaRa would like to have happen in different places. That is why she is guided to go many places to carry her light and to spark the energy of the places she attends to. Each of you have that mission, as well, dear Ones. It is not just solely for EstaRa to gather you altogether, dear Ones, each of you can gather many together. It is as simple as having a mission to bring love to the surface. It is very simple, dear Ones, to make your message that of love and acceptance of all that is and the oneness that you all are each of you. We are behind you all the way; we watch from above and we send you much reinforcements at this time, dear Ones. Your children of the planet are awake. The children we speak of are the little ones, dear Ones. They are acting out. They are being the responsible warriors of light that they came to be. They are speaking out by way of having all these different behavioral and mental ailments that you call illnesses or you use as labels to give them medications, dear ones, that is stopping them from being who they are. It
is your job to speak out at all the things that you find uncomfortable or not working any longer. It is necessary for you each to stand in your role as a lightworker and know you have support. If you stand, you will have many standing with you. You will not be alone. Look around the room in which you are sitting, dear ones. See your members of light. Gather together. Together, you carry a stronger light and in that light, you bring to this planet more than you can even imagine at this time. We hope that helps you, dear Ones.

The Masters of Light

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