Friday, April 1, 2011

Early Breakfast and On the Road Again...

It's morning and we had breakfast on the roof. Yep, you guessed it--more bread! But this time, we get eggs and tomatoes and hot tea which seems so hard to come by at times here. The tea is extremely black--I swear it almost looks like coffee in the cup...very strong tea. The breakfast room is one floor down from the roof and the view from up here is amazing. As we ate breakfast, we could see the hot air balloons over the city of Luxor. This is the opportunity I have to go on a hot air balloon. I am opting not to do it for two reasons---way too early in the morning for me with the little sleep we have had here I don't want to get up and leave earlier than necessary and I want to save the money for the trip to Alexandria, but I have to admit this morning looking out the window and see the sunrise and the hot air balloon makes me almost regret saying no to the hot air balloons.
Now, we are on our drive this morning to The Temple of Hatshepsut. Hatshepsut was an Egyptian Pharoah, but the real reason we are heading out to the temple is for the Energy Frequency of Hathor. I am beginning to think there is more to Hathor than I knew---by the way, before coming here...I knew little about Hathor. :)

Solara just spoke to our group on the bus about relationships and the role that they will play in the future--during the Golden Age. By the way, the "Golden Age" is when we make it through this earth storm that is happening right now to the other side of the shifting of earth's energies and priorities. She has been receiving a lot of information from her guides about love relationships and how they will be different in the future. She gave us a lot of different information to think about. As I listened to her talk, I started to feel my twinflame's love. I felt so much happening inside of me from all the signs from the day before, last night's past life recollection and just hearing about relationships. Solara opened the floor for people to go up and share on the bus something they felt they wanted to share. Some people went up to speak. So much emotion is coming over me, I am just sitting quietly to myself. Tears are welling up and well I am not sure why I was crying, but the tears are just streaming down my face. I notice there are other people crying too. I don't feel so alone knowing this, but yet I feel alone. I feel lost without my beloved other half. I feel a longing for him. I wonder if he misses me. I wonder if he ever thinks of me and longs for me as I do him? I wonder if he feels that I am away? I wonder so many things and wish just one he would share with me what he is feeling. I do believe that sometimes when he says he doesn't know...he truly doesn't know because it isn't easy to access feelings that you have been so accustomed to shutting off. I just look forward to the day that he finally lets down his guard to let the flood gates of feelings, thoughts and dreams open.

We are here....time to get off the bus again. I will be back to write more later...It is another gorgeous day here and thankfully still much warmer than Cairo was.

Wow, that looks like a long walk to Hatsheupsut.


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