Friday, April 8, 2011

Channeled Message: All is As It Should Be (Twinflames)

This is a channel that I channeled live with my friend Victoria, when I was doing a healing session with her. It was directed to us, but it is meant to be shared with all twins. My guides are very much present with me as I write this email and they wish you to know that love is by your side and love is the pervasive emotion on our planet now--we are surpassing the fear that has preceded, but know dear ones--the side of fear is much louder which means we need to get much louder with our mission to share and be love. It is with love that they tell us things are as they should be and they are emphasizing shortly we will see....

Live Channel on 4.2.11 through EstaRa in Middletown, CT.

Greetings Dear Ones,

It is time dear ones for the reunification of each separate entity that you call your twins and your other halves. It is necessary for it to be rooted into the earth at this time. The reunification will bring about the earth change that is needed going forward. Dear ones, many are wishing that the end is here for they are in difficulty and pain. It is time to see what the future holds dear ones. If you look within you at this time you shall see an earth in a way that earth has not seen. It is appropriate the music in your background for the sound of birds is a happy sound, is it not dear ones? That is the sound that you shall hear on your earth in short time--short human time, dear ones.

It is now for all to witness the light in each individual life upon the earth. It is time dear ones. It is now that humanity has come together to have a collective decision to go forward with this earth experiment. Long before you have come to this earth you had made a decision to be part of the process of carrying the earth into a new dimension. As a twinflame, it was your journey to carry forward your mission of light separately to come back together again. And when you come back together again you reunite for eternity at least that is the word we can give you for understanding. At that point you will go home and carry your mission out in another place, another space and time dear ones. IT is the mission of the twinflames to bring love fully on your planet. Only the reunification of the twins will bring that love to this planet. It is the separation now that has created much chaos and fear. For when you first separated the memories were clear that you would return together again and that you went off on your journey separately to experience that which each of you desired, each part of you desired something different and each time you played your role as a human you each played it in a way that you desired to experience being human. In the timing of your human earth it is in many lifetimes that you have been on this planet experiencing each other separately. However, it is not the only lifetimes that you have lived you have lived in other places in your space and time. You will remember. You will see inside of you your home. As you played your earth games each time you came here, each time your separation from your twin has grown stronger and stronger; therefore making this reunification not as easy as you would like in human terms.

The memory has been giving to both of you. It has been planted in both of you; however, one half of you has chosen to be the awakened one this time around for the other half is still in darkness at times and needs help and assistance from the light and we tell you that we have them covered dear ones. We are working with your other half day and night to clear up any blocks and obstacles. These blocks and obstacles are not easy for them in human times. Know dear ones, that the memory has not entirely reached their minds in human times. They do know; however, in their awakened consciousness that there is something more for them. As fear begins to leave the planet, so too shall fear leave for each individual that has been awakened. When we say fear leaving the planet, we say it is about the mass exits, those awakened that cannot hold the light that is required to go forward on this earth shall leave the planet. The darker energies we speak of are fear.

We wish you to know that it is time to go forth and trust. For ALL IS AS IT SHOULD BE. All is happening on your planet now. ALL IS AS IT SHOULD BE, DEAR ONES. We ask you to trust in us and have faith that you will have all that which you desire. It is here now. EstaRa is asking if this human year is the year that will bring all together. And we tell you yes dear ones. Yes, it is necessary for the changes to occur in this human earth year you will see much happening that is out of everyone’s control however if you are in your center and balanced you will have your control of you and your life. It is now dear ones. IT IS NOW. It is with love, honor and respect that we bring you this message today. We wish to remind you that your journey is bigger than what you believe it to be. It is not simply being a spirit in human body it is the being an awakened soul that changes the evolution of the earth; changes the evolution of the earth human’s consciousness. We are so very proud of each of you for we know it is a difficult mission for you. But we know that you each can do this. You have chosen to come here to carry out this mission and you are not alone. We support you; we love you and are here for you. And you shall see, dear ones. You shall see the beauty and creativity that your souls will bring to this earth. You are dearly loved, dear ones. You are dearly loved.

We are the Masters of Light. We are your Arcturian brothers and sisters. Namaste.


  1. right on time- beautiful post :-)


  2. Thank you. I am loving it too!! I keep getting prompted to re-read it to keep me in the positive light of love and what is to come. :) Blessings to you!