Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Valley of the Kings

Just finished the Temple of Hatshepsut and we are making our way to the Valley of the Kings. I have to admit that I am so non-plused about going to this place after crying a great deal at Hatshepsut. It is really going to be a short ride to get there. (The only picture I got was looking out the window of the bus on my way to the Valley. It is desert---it really is desert!)

The Valley of the Kings is located in Luxor and contains many of the tombs of pharoahs including King Tut, the most familiar one of all. On a different day and with different circumstances I would be excited, but oh well it is what it is. We are here...will write more later.

Okay, I am back and that was quick. I am not kidding it really was. When we got there we received passes to go into three tombs that we chose to go into. In order to go into the King Tut's tomb we would have to pay extra and our Guide suggested that we go see the items of King Tut in the traveling exhibits because this tomb would be nearly emptied of everything. I didn't really have a desire to go in there so it wasn't a tough decision.

I am sitting right now at the cafeteria catching a few moments of quiet, but not really we are all gathered around here many people opted not to continue into the tombs. We are all hungry and honestly it was just too much for me. I really needed a little more time in between Hatshepsut and the next place to see. It really is incredible viewing the land here because it looks like mountains and you see a little walkway and entrance on the side of a mountain which is the entrance into a tomb. This land was all tombs built underground and into the mountain. I went into one of the tombs and you walk down this long narrow path and it is warm because it is mostly enclosed except for the entrance. We were not allowed to take pictures inside the tombs because they are trying to preserve the paintings. It was like walking into someone's home. The tombs contained the story of the person who was buried along the walls. It had "rooms" inside with many items. When we got to the sarcophagus, and yes; we did. We saw it and felt the energy of the mummy. You could look inside and see a mummy buried there. When we made our way out, I made the decision that seeing one tomb is like seeing them all. It was just of no interest. I am just sitting here waiting to head out to lunch at a restaurant on our way back to Karnack. I am really missing my twinflame and I am really wishing he were with me. I imagine that if he were here, it would be more magical or would it be? Would I be able to do all this releasing with him here? Would I be able to focus on my spirit and my spiritual journey here in Egypt if he were here? Would I be too captivated with him that I would miss out on some of this incredible stuff? Would I not be able to be me fully? I guess the answer is that right now this is where I am meant to be and he and I will just come back here another time together to carry out our mission of love.

I think I shall just close my eyes while I sit here and connect with the energy of love--something more than the tears I keep feeling filling my eyes. I must say I am looking forward to lunch, but I have to say I did buy an ice cream on a stick dipped in a chocolate shell--okay so not something I would ever eat back at home, but definitely something that was a bit of comfort food for me. Lunch, oh lunch, let me guess the menu...for starters, bread? hahaha


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