Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Channeled Message: Embody Your Truth

Good Day Everyone,

Yesterday, I performed an Energy Body Upgrade (which are distant energy healings that work on clearing upgrading, realigning and balancing your energy bodies as well as your chakras. They are extremely powerful and provide a boost to your energy system while also allowing high vibrational energy integration to occur smoothly and easily), I was in communication with my guides and they channeled the following message through me.  I feel prompted to share with all of you too.

This full moon energy is about expressing your truth and embodying it.  It is time to begin—begin embodying all the internal changes that have been made.  There is a heaviness in the energetic field due to those still in resistance of the changes that are taking place.  The energetic shifts happening now are changes that are sweeping people forward.  The heaviness of the energy is due to any resistance you have within you to the changes that are presenting themselves.  You have seen significant exposure of truth in your world –now as you have become more connected to your journey and your power, the more truth will be revealed. You are becoming more connected to your inner truth—the days, weeks, months ahead you will become more and more defined by that truth.  But not simply words, dear ones by thoughts, actions, beliefs that you are choosing to embody  now in the higher realms for they will be brought down into your reality over the next several months.  For now we ask you to speak only from the place of your soul.  Your soul is in the driver’s seat and has been increasingly taking  on a larger role in your day to day reality over the last several months. There is and has been a galactic battle for the ownership of earth.  Slowly humanity is being awakened from the mechanisms that once kept them asleep. With this increasing awareness, the powers that be will no longer have a grasp over humanity and they are seeing this by way of each of you stepping into your light, dear ones, are you not aware of this?  The power that is you is so great that it emboldens all of humanity.  We ask you to view it as a domino effect—one piece falls then another falls—at the same time, they are falling, other things are falling into place.   That is why you are experiencing much chaos on the earth at this time.  We encourage you each to find the balance within daily or as EstaRa suggests to many of you that several times a day bringing yourself back into balance allows for you to have more control in your reality.  When you are in balance each decision, thought, action you take is coming from that place within and not being influenced by the outside circumstances. As you go forward in this journey dear ones, remember you are not alone here for we are with you supporting you interdimensionally.  We wish to assist you in your evolution and light as you create a new way to be on earth.  It is with love, honor and respect that we bring this message to you today.   And so it is.  


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