Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Energy Thoughts: Wake Up, Dear Ones

Hello Everyone,

Lots of transmissions, lots of changes, lots happening.  I almost can’t keep up with the information that keeps coming through so I will do my best to convey what I can to all of you as often as I can.  (I am still in the healing of my physical body so it takes a little more time to get things out.)

All eyes are on planet earth—now is the time .  You will hear that echoed throughout the planet now. You will hear many echoing the same things about what is happening out on planet earth now and that love is the answer—is that not what EstaRa has been channeling and teaching for many years now?    She has been teaching you, channeling to you and preparing you for this time.  It has been her mission to teach love, be love and live love and that is what she has been doing despite the fact that humanity was not ready for her just yet.  We tell you this because the many years that she was teaching you and preparing you those were the years of practice.  Now is the time to put what you have learned and what she has taught not only by words, but by example into action.  ~The Masters of Light

Dear ones, it is no longer time to just preach—it is time to actively make changes.  Did you know that there is no more time to “wake people up”?  Did you know that it is not necessary because they are awake?  Yes!  The people of the earth are awake.  ~The Masters of Light. You may be wondering how that is all possible, but it is simply that there are different levels/steps/stairs to being awake.  Everyone on the planet is awake to where they are meant to be at this moment in time.  What does that mean for all of us?

It means those of you who are aware and awake know your truth and are on that path to self discovery.  Many of you are the pioneers lighting the way for each soul that is awake and “following” behind. (the reason the word following is in parenthesis is because they are not “following you” you are not the Guru/Guide/Master that is better/above them instead it is because they are on walking the path after you have already started walking yours. Please note that in this timeline of the New Earth—no one is better or less than you.  They are simply in different places on their path of Ascension.)   

The words aware and awake are thrown around a lot in the human world.  Could you clarify for us? Awakening means remembering who you really are--not what you are told by others including your religions/society/ government/familial expectations! Awareness simply means using that remembrance to expand who you are! That is where the true power comes from in remembering--who you are and how powerfully, magnificent you are!  You have everything within you to create the life you so desire, dear ones, but you must be willing to activate that part of your DNA.  In breaking free from expectations placed upon you and choosing your own path, you then begin to activate the parts of your DNA that have long been dormant.~The Masters of Light

The wakeup call has come to the earth in the last 25 years and now we are in the “waking up”, from the slumber we have been in.  So many of us are awake and ready to create/make/change the world into the new Earth that we have been envisioning/wanting/moving towards, but there are some of us that are numb/lost/confused/stuck because of  the mass consciousness of fear that is continually perpetuating the slumber.  The slumber I speak of is the programming of humanity. I will only speak about the US as I have never lived anywhere other than the US.  (Oh I have traveled around the country quite a bit and yes it is all about location, location, location!) Some parts of our country are really deep in slumber and other parts not so much.  The one thing that is clear is that how one is placed into a program/slumber is through television/news media/government/religion/social media/financial status; this is the variable that changes depending on where you live.  Here is a very basic example of how where you live makes a difference: Everyone has heard that in the North, people are rushed/hurried/unfriendly and in the South, people are relaxed/slower/friendly.  Now, is that necessarily true?  Does it matter?  Well, whether it is true or not and whether we choose to believe it or not—those are prevalent beliefs about the North and the South—Yes this many years after civil war. J  So in essence, that is one way of programming us.

Hmmm…you may be wondering…what programs us?  Television, News Media, Social Media, Government, Religion, to name a few.  If you are able to, take a few minutes right now, think about how you live your life?  What is your motivation?  What is your truth about it?  Why do you do what you do?  For example:  A person who is on a diet constantly.  Why?  Do you really want to lose weight and be on a diet?  Or are you doing it because it is what you are supposed to do?  Are others around you constantly dieting too?  Do you watch shows on television about how you need to look better?  Or do you do that because you are not happy with the way you look?  And, how did you discover you are unhappy with the way you look?  If you don’t have time to do this exercise now, please, come back to do it. 

It is far easier to step back as EstaRa suggests to view your life and why you do the things you do; rather than to continue on and live in the fear that has been emanating on the earth for so long. You may feel that you are fearless, but as EstaRa pointed out above, fear is infused in everyday living on your planet.  We ask you to see differently.  Step back and view from a different vantage point and see why you choose as you do.  You have the power to live the way you wish, but that wish comes from within your soul not from what is outside of you.  When you begin to remove yourself from the mass consciousness,  through your awareness you will begin to see the conflict between your soul’s truth and the messages from the external world around you.  Your soul’s truth is one of love, while the external world around you is often one of fear. ~ The Masters of Light .

If you remove yourself from the mass consciousness it is much easier to be in your awakened/vibrant/intuitive state.  Everything has energy and frequency to it.  What frequency are you receiving?  If you are never quiet, never alone in nature, never relying upon your own thoughts and values, you are receiving lower frequencies that emanate fear. You can only overcome those frequencies if you stop listening outside yourself and begin listening to what your spirit is trying to tell you.  To do this, takes courage to step outside of what you have always “accepted” (I say accepted, rather than believed because we often don’t know why we believe what we believe other than it was presented to us.)  So many people are afraid to step away from the mass consciousness, in fear that they will stand out/be different/be judged.  It can feel that way, if we do not change the way we view the world we live in. None of that matters because you were not meant to be like everyone else, you were meant to shine. Perhaps, the next new fad will be to “choose to be different”?  Hmmmm…now if that were the case there would be no one to market to. Think on that for a moment. 

Dear ones, there are no more tests of your light.  There is simply the time for you to be who you are in each and every moment. We ask you to see what is showing up in your life not as tests of your light—that is an old paradigm belief system that no longer has play in this New Earth Energy.  The old energy asks, “Why me? What am I doing wrong?  What am I not listening to?  What lessons do I have to learn?”  The new energy asks, “What are my next steps?  What can I do to create the life I want?  What are the gifts I am receiving?”~The Masters of Light.

WE as humans weave together the most beautiful, colorful quilt you have ever seen. Think for a moment, if we were all meant to be the same, then we wouldn’t see the magnificence of color—it would all be a solid color blanket.  Help each other light the way to the new earth.  Everyone here on the planet is on a different place of their ascension, but we are all here to simply be who we are.  We didn’t come to be anything/anyone other than the magnificent light that we are.  Wake up, dear ones, you are the one you have been waiting for.

Love & Peace,

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