Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Inspirational Snippet: Your Intuition

I wanted to share this morning's message I placed on my Soul Star Healing Facebook Fan Page.  As many of you know, each day I place a message from my guides, angels and/or my higher self for your highest and best good.  If you wish to connect with me on Facebook to receive these messages, please click this link:  https://www.facebook.com/soulstarhealing.

Today's Message: Do you know how important it is to develop your intuition? We encourage you to develop your intuition as it is a very much needed tool in these times. It used to be intuition was for the "crazy lady" looking into a crystal ball or reading your palm for your future. Dear ones, your pursuit to develop your intuition can be fun and playful, but it should also be considered your main source of power. When your intuition is working optimally, it can be the thing that helps you discern the information coming to you from any and all sources. Oh yes, it will help you in guiding your future, but it is the spiritual necessity of NOW. Seek out help from sources that can assist you. It is time to expand. A balanced intuitive is one that not only helps you understand your light, but teaches you how to understand your light. ~ The Masters of Light.

I don't know about you, but today there is so much more information out there than ever before, coming at us fast and furiously from all directions making it overwhelming.  How do you know who to trust?  How do you know what to believe?  The best way is to learn to discern that information and the only way that you can is by using your own intuition.

This message is so much more important than you know.  I often say that humanity tends to be asleep when it comes to what is happening around them, until a time when something happens that impacts them directly.  To be fully awake in this time, it is imperative that you expand, grow and/or develop your intuition.  Yes, you can rely on outside sources for assistance; I am an intuitive and I help people all the time, but as I say in my readings, keep what resonates and get ride of what doesn't.  I know for me when I work with a client, I often give them tools to assist them in accessing what they need so that they can be a better pilot of their life.

I've been teaching intuitive development for many years now and I find that learning the basics is key and continual practice is a must.  I often laugh at my students when they wonder why I teach that they have to ground their energy daily or why they should tone their chakras.  I think of my teaching to that of Mr. Myogi in the Karate Kid movie of the 1980's, do you remember that?  He had Daniel-son do all kinds of work around his place. In essence, Mr. Myogi was training him/his muscles to prepare for the next steps.  Daniel-son, like many of us, was impatient and wanted to know why he was wasting his time do the "housework" for Mr. Myogi.  What Daniel-son soon discovered was all that "work" was preparation/training for his muscles  to perform the necessary moves in Karate.  My favorite line was "wax on, wax off", even I learned some moves. Hmmm, makes me think I should watch that movie again to learn now that I think differently. I digress.

We are the only people in our life that will be able to discern  what we need to know from what is being given to us.  For example: there is so much information about how to best take care of your skin, how to best lose weight, how to best make yourself happy; well there is no one quick fix on our planet for any of those or other things.  By the way, there is no best way to do anything, there is; however, a best way for you.  Despite what commercialism, society and media wants you to believe, we do not live in a one size fits all society because each person is a unique, beautiful being of light.  That being said, that means that each person also has a unique path to take.    Life can be so stressful and it is easy to get caught up in your daily routine, but it is necessary to your balance and well being  by stepping out of that cycle from time to time and discern what is appropriate for you.

My wish for you today is to develop, grow and/or expand your consciousness through your intuition.

In love,

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