Monday, September 2, 2013

Energy Thoughts: Be A Lighthouse

Happy September

As you well know lots has been happening over the past months—while I was pulled out of it for a bit in human form, it doesn't mean I wasn't experiencing all the energies with you all.  I still have the awareness and it is loud, strong and clear.  While my physical body is repairing/recovery (slower than I like, but is really finally trying to) the information downloading into me is so much faster than ever before. I can barely keep up with the knowledge I wish to share. I feel for my friends who call me from time to time because they get information downloaded upon them too--but with my verbal flood as I speak with them.  Just last night, I had a friend visit me and said, I always get a headache when I come here (not sure it is always, but we will give her the benefit of the doubt lol). I asked her if it felt more like a pressure and she said yes.  I said oh that is just you receiving the multitude of downloads from being here in my high frequency, multidimensional energy.  Is it a bad thing?  No, it is a reminder that when you come to my home and are in my presence your energy is being uplifted to a higher frequency and the head pressure is the result of receiving multiple downloads, essentially it is a symptom of ascension. 

So many misconceptions are presenting themselves to me for exposing the truth and reality of what we are seeing. I ask that you understand this from a higher perspective, than your human ego mind does; it often reads through information with patterns/behaviors/fears that have placed you in the ego, in the first place.  Put aside your preconceived notion for a moment, and understand that there are a lot of lies being exposed in the human world at this time, and if you live in your heart and soul truly letting it guide you, then you will understand that which I speak of. You are given the tools each and every day to see more clearly what is truth and what it not.

I have to say that as a result of my car accident, sometimes I feel like I am becoming super human with the expansion of my gifts; but what I am really noticing that is that I am simply becoming more of the human that God and my DNA have expected me to be: the LIGHT.   Clearly my gift to the universe is not money as I am still struggling to survive in the human world, but the more clear I have become the less I agree with what mass consciousness has to say so money still is not my motivator to be the light. (I know many of you that know me understand that, and if you didn’t you should by now.)   I no longer accept what is dictated to us through any source, other than the source of my own being.  One of the things  I have always taught to my students is that only you know your truth—there is no need to look outside of yourself for the answers.  However, now is the time to look take all your truths/knowledge/tools/soul education and look outside yourself and identify what is not in alignment with you and remove yourself from that.  If you do this even for an hour a day, I promise you, you will see so much more revealed to you than you thought possible.

Many of you know that I have this gift of looking at pictures and really seeing the people in the pictures. I had been seeing things for years in pictures, and just assumed everyone else had as well.  Until one day I looked at a picture and I was horrified. It was of a couple who had gotten married a few months earlier and their three children.  (two of the children from the woman and one from the man.)  It was most disturbing to me, because in the picture, they are all standing next to one another, as a family would for a family portrait, but each of them was viewable distinctly separate.  It made me feel no connection between any of them, complete separation in their energy (no mingling energies); not even with the couple who recently got married.  I didn’t say anything to the couple because it is not my place, but it really showed me clearly how they didn’t belong together and were living a false life.   Of course, I assumed the person showing me the picture saw it too, but again, like much of what I have seen I was the only one who saw it.(On a side note, they did file for divorce and are no longer together.)  And no, please do not ask me to look at your pictures because I find that people only want to hear what they want to hear, and they only want to know what they are ready to know. I digress, as I often do.   By the way, my superhuman vision power extends to television/movies/media/etc..  So I bring this up because now I have found that it now also extends to the written word.  For example, I may read someone’s post on Facebook, that says one thing, but it now seems false to me if they are not living it or believing it themselves because what is conveyed to me (as always) is the energy.  It extends to any written word again television/media/etc.  I feel like I have x-ray vision.  Now, I have always had this ability with in person things as far back as I can remember (especially when I noticed how words didn't match the person's energy).  

I think some of my friends in high school will remember examples about their friends/boyfriends/life.  I also remember many examples of it when I was trying to live a mainstream life in Politics (I thought this was how I could save the world--how wrong I was--instead it made me sick--I've now found how to save the world by being me and sharing that with the world.)  I just had that ability to read the person’s truth not what they were projecting.  It has been truly a struggle for me in a world where people want to believe what they want to believe (which is often not the truth).   

During this time of recovery and physical healing from the car accident, I find that I am advancing more because I am pulled out of mainstream more than ever before and my truth is even louder than ever.    So that is a little about the advancement of my gifts that makes it hard for me to “survive” in humanity when many people are not living their truth.  I get struck with that energy when I walk into a room of people, when I read something on the computer, watch something on the computer or just look at something. I am seeing through the illusion that has been hindering humanity for eons. I always know when the truth is being spoken because I feel it resonating so deeply in me and throughout my body.

So my question became was this yet another reason for my accident?  To remove me from the "human world" while humanity is being pushed to extremes, whether or not those extremes are in alignment with their souls.  The answer I received was yes. While recovering, I spent so much time alone in my mind/body/spirit and discovered (yet again) that I can always remember to rely upon my soul no matter what--one of the many lessons from this accident.  I asked then, would I have gotten caught up in the world of everyone hiding/pretending/fearing/running from their truth that it would affect my inner truth? The answer I received was yes.  It was more important to protect what I know to be true than to have to defend it, while everyone was/is busy defending their truth (or as it sometimes is: their untruth).

I brought all this up because my guides are louder than ever about the following phrase:  IT IS TIME!  It is time, dear souls that living in the light must come to prevail.  It is a choice that must be made, and in doing so you must live in your truth always. It is time for you to use your “super powers” to infiltrate humanity’s darkest corners of the world and unveil humanity’s darkest secrets.  I know when I say darkest corners of the world, you may think I am referring to third world countries/locations that are struggling on the planet, but it is not limited to that part of the world , it is even the darkest locations in the so-called highly advanced, civilized countries on the planet.      I’m referring also the darkest secrets that the world has been hiding, that are only beginning to be unveiled: the truths about our money,  about our planet, about our government, about our religions, our food, etc.  They are only beginning to be revealed, we wish for you to not get caught up in what your news media has to say about what is real, come back and focus on what you know to be truths and discover for yourselves, dear ones, what is not truth.  You, each of you, are here to change/unveil/transform what has been done and create anew.  So we ask you to step back into your power because so many of you here flicker in and out of it.  We say flicker because it never goes away, it just simply changes.  When you begin to view the world from what is inside of you, not only does the whole world change in how you look at it, but it also shows you that you have the power to change everything!  Dear ones, the time has come to no longer be afraid of your power and the calling of your souls.  Your soul's truth whispers to you in each and every moment.  Are you listening?  Your truth beckons you to stand in it and empower yourself and those around you.  It is time to be that light that you came here to be.  It is by no coincidence that you are here at this most magnificent energetic time on your planet.  Dear ones, all eyes are on earth, all eyes are on you and all are awaiting to see what you shall create.  

There is a misconception about what being the light means.  Let us clarify for you.  The misconception is this: Being the light means that you are always happy, feeling peaceful and loving.  If you believe that then you need to look deeper into the game and see who is pumping that information out to you.  That information has been provided by those beings/humans that are not of the light.  That would be the complete extreme opposite of what they have convinced you to believe, such as you are a martyr and you are to suffer in this life.  Sound familiar?  Think about those statements and explore a little deeper.   We would like to bring to mind for you a lighthouse.  A lighthouse is never placed in calm, smooth waters; instead, it is placed in rough, dark places to often be the only source of light. It does not mean you are meant to suffer. We want all lighthouses to join together and create chain of light across your planet.  We understand that being the light is quite often a difficult job when surrounded by the darkness.  It isn’t easy, but then again, you knew that when you came here and that was your motivation for being alive on the planet at this time.    In essence, being the light means that not only do you shine the light of your own being in every way, every day (whatever that may mean for each individual--it could be someone teaching about light or someone picking up trash on the side of the road to make the planet greener) ; but it is also carrying with you the power to know there is always a possibility to see/create/be love, peace and happiness in every way, every day. Just knowing that potential makes you a light that helps others to see from different vantage points as well.  

Back to EstaRa.  I realize it is much easier said than done.  As you know this car accident has put me in a really bad situation financially, but I work hard each day to maintain my energy so that I don’t spiral downward into the fear.  Some days it is easier than others—the good news is that I know what I need to do to not spiral down and I do it.  Did you know that doing that alone maintains my ability to be a lighthouse?  At this time, my guides as you to know what it is that you can do not to spiral downward because the time on our planet will reveal much that is downward spiraling and you are not meant to get caught in it.  IF you do not know what keeps you in your role as a lighthouse, then it might be time to see some assistance from me or someone like me.  

It is with love, honor and respect that we bring this message to you today. 

EstaRa & The Arcturian Masters of Light

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