Friday, August 23, 2013

Energy Thoughts: Transformation of DNA, Surrender & Reality

Hello Everyone,

So I have been wanting to write my Energy Thoughts since last week, but I have had some bad days and have not been able to so I apologize for the delay.  Meanwhile, the energy keeps moving on.  I have stopped and started this so many times that this evening I am just writing a whole new one—that is how fast the energy is moving.  So last email we had, was about being in the birthing canal getting ready to be birthed.  Well, dear ones  here we are ready to be birthed next month—birthed into the multidimensional reality –you’ve been having experiences all year leading you up to this point. I am sure with regard to mirrors (people/places/things being reflected back to you resembling parts of you that you have not accepted), obstacles being put up in front of you, around you and things being brought forward for you to deal with. Well, you all know that I had the car accident and I have been out of the loop a bit in terms of what humanity has to deal with on the 3-D level, but I can tell you that I have spent the last 6 months not only in pain and healing physical trauma, but healing pain and physical trauma in all realities.  I bring this to your attention because while we have not lived a purely multidimensional existence consciously (that is the key word) in the last 9 months that mulit-dimensional reality has been here! Oh yes, it is there and it has been happening to you.  It has been surfacing for me and for many others as more of a reality than 3D.  When you first think of multidimensionality, what do you think of?  I used to think oh wow I can travel the dimensions, but whoa!  NOW, it is more like oh wow—I AM traveling the dimensions simultaneously while I am trying to maintain a 3D semblance of life.  That is a mouth full really,  because we have been so accustomed to our focus and attention being on the 3-D that we fail to see the significance of these times.  Dear ones, you are traveling daily, hourly, momentarily and life experiences are mimicking different times and places and you may or may not even be aware of.  I find that when I am dealing with one thing I am dealing with one thing/issue/belief that spans across many of my lifetimes—past, present and future.  It is loaded when I think about it  So don’t think that life is not changing and you are not learning---dear ones you are learning/changing/choosing every day.  The reality is that you are learning faster than you think which is why more and more is coming at you from all directions of time and space.  The bad news is that it is overwhelming and could cause some people to linger in their pain and frustration, is there good news ? 

Oh yes there is good news! When you feel it/experience it/ move through it you are healing it in all dimensions of time and space for you, your ancestry and your DNA.  What does that mean ?  Your DNA is being healed/changed/transformed as well.  That means you are changing the very essence of who you are by way of your new multidimensional beliefs, but even more you are changing who your family is and will be in the future. It means that as you change your beliefs and move forward into the “new” energy you are literally changing your DNA structure.  You all hear me say everything is changeable-well dear ones, everything is changeable!  You literally change the DNA molecules in your being to reflect what you wish to create in this “new” energy.  That means you need to pay attention to what is working and what is not because if you continue on and give your power outside of yourself then you will perpetuates others beliefs/ideas/limits and impact your DNA by creating such.  What you put out is what you create?  Not only in your external world, but in your internal world as well—you literally can change what your DNA says about you! 

(I was told by many doctors10 years ago that I would always have chronic pain for the rest of my life. I was told I would have endometriosis for the rest of my life as well as acid reflux disease.  Let me tell you something I disagreed with the doctors and I said I am going to change that ---and I did!  I did so much so that when this car accident happened for me it was unbelievable to many that I didn’t have pain before the accident.  What I mean by that is that is? Based on my MRI’s my physical spine shows terrible degeneration from past traumas to my spine in this lifetime (another story about those traumas).  It  looked so bad so that doctors have said that my spine is that comparable to a 90 year old.  Really?  I didn’t feel 90 before the accident?  I felt 20 (am in my 40’s).  I DEFY THEIR REALITY!  When I had the accident—no one believed that I could have been pain free prior to the accident, but as you are well aware—I was pain free!  I traveled extensively, played golf, played wiffle ball, hiked, mined for crystals to name a few—oh and I even went as far as to shovel snow in the blizzard the week before my accident.  So, I defied reality to them—based on their “human tests” that is impossible, but let me tell you IT IS POSSIBLE AND I’m going to do it again—actually I am doing it again. More personal tales to share another time!)  

SO is everything really different?  No—your awareness is what is different/what has changed.  Awakening to your new consciousness awakens your healing power, your DNA changes,  your path and your direction.  Awakening means remembering who you are!  Awareness simply means using that remembrance to expand who you are!  Imagine if 10 years ago I didn’t awaken and I listened to the docs back then?  I wouldn’t be here now sharing stories and energies with you all—I know that for sure. If I choose to listen to them any longer, then I won’t be able to change, right?  I had one doc think I would be out of work for one year or longer and on pain medications for at least that long.  For the record, I am not taking any pain meds have stopped after the initial period that I needed them to get my physical body into a place that I could do only natural healing techniques, herbs and supplements. (There is a time and place for traditional medicine—a lot less time and a lot less place if you ask me.) Hmmm—imagine that?

SO, back in July I spent two weeks of real grieving!  I mean the docs told me stuff that made me scared and think twice (but the whole time in the back of my mind was the belief that everything is changeable---boy I thank heavens I am me!).  I grieved for two weeks literally cried every day.  Scary huh?  No not at all.  You won’t be scared when I tell you what happened.  After that two week period, I made the decision to take back my health—no longer leaving it in the hands of the other docs—it is my decision on how it will go forward, it was me who saved me last time and it will be me once again. Not saying I didn’t need the help because those first two months when I didn’t receive help I really needed it which truly is what prolonged my healing recovery.  I asked one doc to work with me and he said I can’t promise you anything and I can’t heal you.  I said—I don’t expect you to---ONLY I CAN HEAL ME.  However, I also know I will need assistance along the way and I asked if he would work with me in partnership, rather than not listening to me or hearing me.  That is the truth—ONLY I CAN HEAL ME by way of my beliefs/thoughts/opinions.   I stepped back from the feelings that I experienced those two weeks and looked more closely at it.  I grieved so much more than just my physical health. I grieved things in different times and spaces that directly impact/ed my today.  I feel so free for the first time in months—which could explain my sudden shift in healing—I am getting better—slowly, but it is happening.   Oh and by the way, my DNA has changed---anything I used in the past to heal my body through traditional medicine (meaning medications, injections for pain, etc); it no longer works, in fact, now that I used what was necessary to get over the initial trauma is acting like a toxic substance in my body and makes me sick.  So my DNA, will not accept traditional “drug therapy”—my DNA says only nature will heal me!  DNA Transformation is that real?  Those of you with high vibration what happens when you are in low vibrations?  The medical world in the US (all I can speak of since I have never experienced it out of the US) is all about money, business and only help when it is nearly too late—those things right there equate to low vibrations—what do you think that means for you???  Hmmm…a topic of interest perhaps for another time.

So, I tell you all this to remind you that what I channeled above is truth—you are changing everything in your internal/external reality.  Think you are not able to?  Try it…see what happens when you surrender to your emotions/feelings/pain and just allow yourself to feel and muddle through it until you are no longer in emotional pain.  Okay easier said than done, perhaps for some.  The key is to feel.  You have to feel to heal!! (I coined that phrase well before Vaseline Intensive Care did—just saying!)  You do not  have to know why you are in pain/sadness/frustration/anger/whatever emotion that may be coming up.  What you do need to do is feel it. Do not judge it.  Do not try to figure it out.  Just feel.  That is how you release it.  (Yes, sometimes you will understand why you are crying or you will attribute it to something else, but for most of the time that is all head stuff.)  I believed I was crying about one thing and I think my friends thought so too. The truth was I was grieving everything that happened (not just car accident/pain, other things I didn’t think about) in this timeline but in other timelines too.  The beauty of being an individual means you are an individual and you feel/experience differently than others—there is no right or wrong way—there simply is feeling.  Some people think they have “Felt enough”. (I would love to say that is me, but the truth is that I know as long as I am here in a human body I will continue to feel—that is my gift to me and this world. Others may not perceive it as such, but I do.)  

My advice at this time is to SURRENDER to everything that you are resisting and fighting which very well could mean the relationship you are in, the job you are in, the financial situation you are in, what you believe to be true—you can’t change/fix/transform if you are fighting/resisting, but you can if you surrender to your heart’s truth and act upon it with LOVE.  This is the time to do it ladies and gentleman.  This is the time your soul has been waiting for.  This is the time to see who you are really are and this is the time to be who you really are.  Are you up for the test/birth/emotion/challenge/opportunity?  It is all of those and more!

Just a quick FYI—I wrote/channeled this last  night and more to come…stay tuned to your email.

Be in love, Be at peace and Believe,
EstaRa (April)

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