Friday, August 2, 2013

Energy Thoughts: Lion's Gate Energy

Hello Everyone,

It has been some time since I provided one of these Energy Thoughts.  But I couldn’t hold back the information as I feel I must share all this magical energy surrounding us at this time.  I know in the Wizard of Oz, the Lion was so appropriately named the Cowardly Lion, but this month, the lion is anything, but cowardly.  We have a loud Lion’s Roar with the Lion’s Gate. 

Some of you may feel confused/frustrated/scared/ready but don’t know why.  We are in the 8th month of the year 2013.  We are in the birthing canal so to speak.  The full manifestation and birth of this new energy will be pushed forward in September with the aid of the Lion’s Gate energy of 8-8.  The summer has been anything but quiet energetically. There have been lots of upgrades and changes internally in all of us over the last several months.  Do you notice it in the people around you?  Do you notice it in yourself?  Have you been wondering any of the following questions?  When do I get to have my time?  When is it appropriate to move on/forward?  Why doesn’t my spouse/partner/family member/friend seem to be changing?  Well the easy answer is to say NOW for all of it, but it is never that simple and easy when dealing with humans and their human emotions and egos. 

Don’t you worry that no one has changed.  Not one person on this planet has been left untouched with the astrological phenomenon that have transpired since our move to the Galactic Center on 12/21/12.  Everyone is undergoing rewiring/upgrading/balancing/clearing/growth/change.  Even if you don’t see it outright know that change is happening to everyone.  Yes, there are varying degrees of healing that each soul is going through.  Some have to clear much more than others because some souls know that this is their graduation from earth and they will not be back; therefore, transmuting all energy back to love.   Others have set one or two profound lessons to be learned in this lifetime and they will clear for that process. 

How is this experience played out for each person?  For some it is the physical vehicle that has been changed you will notice it by the way some people have left the planet with sudden illness and death shortly thereafter.  While others experience a physical slow down illness/injury/pain/accidents for assistance with integrating their energy, some people are vibrating faster than their physical body can handle. (Ahhh—another explanation resonating with why my car accident happened.)    

For some it is the emotional body that is releasing what has been kept deep inside someone’s soul on this path.  The emotions are nothing more than pure release and are necessary. Each person on this path has had an experience that was too difficult to “move through” emotionally and now it can be released.   There are some of you who were chosen to release  for others and as you release emotion you may recognize it is not just your pain.  What does that mean?   Remember dear ones, we are all connected and there are those of you who have been releasing for many on the planet who are unable to move through the greater obstacles in their life.  A good example would be the twinflames. The more awakened Twin quite often feels/works through/heals/clears for their divine counterpart.   

For others the experience is more in the mental field such as removing/reducing/clearing limiting beliefs. Their goal is in discerning what has been presented to them, in this and other lifetimes, as truth from various places such as : religion/politics/societal beliefs/familial traditions.  It will show up in their life as a vulnerability to them that blocks them from moving forward or you may see them overcome old beliefs and stand up for things you didn’t even know they believed in.    

And still others, may be experiencing an awakening  which is mostly done from a spiritual level.  They awaken from the slumber  and see what is really happening not just going day to day  to get by, but realizing that they too can change reality, they too have the power to behold everything and they are taking their first steps in learning.   Just know that there are many ways people are healing/transforming/changing.  There are many changes occurring and it is of great value to you and your relationships to honor the process and let go of that which no longer serves you.  It is not the time to hang on to something that has well been over/done.   It is in your best interest to allow yourself to move through the energy fluidly: crying if you need to, letting go of people and relationships that are necessary for your next steps, reclaiming your power as a being of light and simply remembering who you REALLY are. 

So back to the birthing canal imagery so to speak.  Think about what that must be like.  Imagine you are the only light in that dark tunnel.  When I think of it,  I think it must be very dark, scary and a great deal of uncertainty about  what is going to happen.  The unknown would be the most uncomfortable and I think that is exactly what is happening right now for all of humanity.  No one really knows what is going on with so many things: with themselves,  with one another, with governments, with earth changes and global realities. And yes, some of us do know, but it is still a waiting game as to how it will all take place.  What I want to bring your attention to is  that this Lion’s Gate is to help you more than you know.

This particular time on the planet has some great energy to help you through the birthing canal perhaps to give you something to do while we wait to be birthed.  So here are the particulars of what is happening.  Earlier this week, I woke up and a shift in Consciousness/Energy , particularly on Monday, and felt a great deal of peace overcome me.  While I felt that, it was clear others were feeling anything but peace.  As I mentioned earlier, we are all in different places on this journey and will experience things in different ways so no judgment is necessary.  These events/opportunities are given to us from the Sirian Archangelic League of Light (and if you know Sirians, they are serious; therefore, this energy will be/has been intense).   On the 29/30 of July, we were given a cosmic upgrade in our own Merkabah Field bringing through us a higher vibration (an astrological alignment of planets formed a Star Tetrahedron/Star of David pattern/Merkabah).  This event brought in an influx of Divine Feminine Energy that opens hearts and expressions from the heart center.   

Then, earlier on July 26th, the Lion’s Gate phase began and will last until around August 12th .  During this time ancient Egyptian energy will infuse the planet,  giving you an opportunity to tap into ancient powers and ancient sites in Egypt for assistance as you move forward.  This gateway has a culmination of energy on 8/8 which is two days after the new moon.   What does the Lion's Gate mean to all of you?  It means we are pumped up in vibration--yes that means we have the power to change/transform/heal vast amounts of discordant energies not only for ourselves as individuals, but as a unified humanity.   The time is now...the time is ripe and ready for you to step into who you are.  We are in the birthing canal so to speak, the point at which we will birth ourselves into the world we wish to be part of.  Leo, the Lion, (August birth sign) is all about being fiery and making it happen and that is what this gateway is for the birthing of the new.  The best way to receive this transformational gateway is to be in circle/meditation/ceremony with like minded beings.  If you are local to me, I am hosting an event on 8/10/2013 some quick details below. Please contact me for details or to sign up.  Either way, you may wish to prepare your vessel for this influx of energy with some preparation.  If you read below you will see there is a preparation that I am asking attendees to do prior to coming to the event, you may wish to do that as well and choose to connect to an Ancient site in Egypt on 8-8, 8-9, 8-10 or connect with my group on 8-10 .

 Quick Details: 
When:  Saturday, August 10th @ 6:30 P.M.  (Please arrive by 6:10)
 Where: 821 Village Walk, Guilford, CT
          What for:  Utilizing the Lion's Gate Energy to Reclaim/Create Your Reality

Price: $20 Suggested Cash Donation
Thank you.

Preparation is required before you attend that evening.  Please spend the next several days leading up to our event pondering about your current life, more specifically your beliefs.  Be honest with yourself and write down your limiting beliefs noting how they have been restrictive in your life and have held you back.  Examine them, determine if you are ready to let them go and push yourself beyond where they have restricted you.  Once you have done this, please burn/rip/shred the beliefs that you are ready to release a day or two before our meeting. This will assist you in the moving forward energies for our gathering on 8-10-13.   

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