Friday, August 16, 2013

Inspirational Snippet: Beliefs About Self Love and Acceptance

So today, I am feeling guided to post something from my reading over the last few days. I have talked to many people feeling the "energy crunch" from the alignment of planets right now.  We have been in rare form since 12-12-12 and will continue some great astrological phenomena. I could go into details, but I feel that an Astrologer would be the better one to contact for that--I just know what I sense/feel/receive from my Guides. 

But what I do know is: No one on the planet is immune to the push and pull of human life at this time.  So many people are trying to break free from the "chains" of their past by way of changing/examining/renouncing their beliefs about life whether it be about relationships to one self or others/careers/religious beliefs/societal beliefs. Out of all of this comes a truth:   The one thing that most people want is to feel accepted. I am not sure many people know what that means? Of course, when you first read it, it appears that people want to be accepted by others, but ultimately the acceptance that you are seeking is from yourself.  But when you are hindered by other people's beliefs whether you have learned it from family, religion, tradition, culture, society or behaviors; it need not matter where they came from, but the necessity is to recognize that those beliefs that have held you back and you have adopted as yours (because it was what worked at the time) may not be working now.

So the book I am reading is: The Path of Empowerment by Barbara Marciniak.  A really good read and channeled book from the Pleaidians.  The context of the quote I am about to share has to do with the decision to end or stay in relationships.  But, I feel that the passage I am quoting pertains to all beliefs.

"Remember, the emotion of fear is the root cause of blocked energy, and your power ends where your fear begins.  Sometimes it is well worth the time and dedication to work things out, and sometimes it is time to let go and graciously move on. You must be willing to recognize what does and does not work for you.  Your issues are rich with many layers of meaning, yet they all boil down to how you manage energy."--Pleiadians

When it comes to managing your energy, it simply means understanding the impacts of beliefs/thoughts/decisions in and on your life.   What is preventing you from experiencing the life you desire?  What is preventing you from self love?  What is preventing you from the acceptance of yourself?  There are many "holes" in your energy field (the energy surrounding your body) causing energy drains/depletions/illness/anger/fear/frustration  when you do not love and accept yourself.

Sometimes, it almost appears that all those external messages from outside of ourselves keeps us trapped, or even beliefs we have held keeps us trapped, which is why it is so important to remember how necessary it is for self love and acceptance because our choices would reflect that.  

And, it would put your perspective above what others believe or think and you would become priority.  It is a new perspective that we are striving to teach you. You as priority.  You as the decision-maker, creator of your life. Now for some of you, isn't that right there--different than what you have been taught or believe?  We ask you to spend a little time letting this message from EstaRa be absorbed. -We are the Masters of Light. 

Well, I wasn't expecting my guides to come through, but they did.  I will simply end this message with two thoughts. First, astrologically, we are offered this opportunity to rapidly change our life/beliefs/etc.  The planetary alignment is providing the set up for us to release and open to a new way of living and letting go of the old way of living.  I recommend taking advantage of it and breaking free from the bounds that have been created around you. Second, I often give to my clients and students the same message of affirming daily their self love (if nothing changes, nothing changes hence the same message).  So I give it to all of you as well.  Look in the mirror, as easy or as difficult as it may feel, and say:   

I love and accept myself just as I am. 
 My wish for you today is to go look in the mirror and tell  yourself that you love and accept yourself as you are. 

Love to you,


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