Monday, December 24, 2012

Inspirational Snippet: Merry Christmas


I was sitting quietly after my morning meditation, and was getting ready to wish a friend Merry Christmas. And it occurred to me that this Christmas is so much more important than any other.  It is the first Christmas after the “Galactic Alignment Shift” that we just moved through.  We moved/are moving into “Christ Consciousness”, that is what the shift in human consciousness is called.  In simplified terms, we are moving to living a life truly like Christ in that we have faith, trust and belief in the divine which is in each and every one of us.  It isn’t something that we can subscribe to through religion or can be taught—this divinity is right there inside of us waiting to be tapped into each day, in every moment with every breath.   Christ is born on Christmas Day so to me I feel as though we are all “reborn” on Christmas Day this year.  With the shifting of our energy into “Christ Consciousness” , I feel we are being reborn as “Christed” Beings of Light.  As I write this, I am feeling strongly, “Yes, yes we are.”

So when I went to write this morning, I wrote Merry Christ-mas.  It struck me as something I had not noticed before Christmas broken up into:  Mas being (Mass of humanity) Christed-ness (Expanded Human Consciousness into Christ Consciousness)  We (all of us on Earth) are capable of Christ Consciousness, Magic and Love know this and you will begin to live it .  We brought in the new earth on 12/12/12 and we have been anchoring and grounding it until yesterday and tomorrow is the re-birthing of humanity into this new Consciousness.  If you want to know more about what that means, simply look into your heart because that is “THE WAY” that Christ talked about and remember the only message is LOVE.

Make a step tomorrow in Love…it doesn’t have to be the leap you are needing/wanting to take, but a simple step in the direction you want to go is all that is needed and then you will see the universe open up to help you with the rest of the steps. (That is the magic of Christ Consciousness).

Merry Christmas, my friends.  May the blessings the holiday brings to you become the way and the the light for your journey ahead.

My wish for you is to receive the blessings of this Christmas.

Love to you,

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