Monday, December 31, 2012

Inspirational Snippet: Key to Open New Doors

I woke up this morning hearing the words in my head, “It's about Forgiveness".  I sat with it in my heart for a few minutes before I got out of bed.  Then, the dream from last night came into my mind.  I realized that all the dreams I have been having since 12-12-12 have been about forgiveness.  In each dream, someone who I have perceived hurt me in some way, big or small, real or unreal was in my dreams and I made peace with them.  Last night, was not any different other than at the end of the dream, I had gone through a trying time and I looked up at the sky and it was blue with lots of pink and I remember in the dream; I said out, "That is unconditional Love".  So that brings me to this day's Inspirational Snippet.

On the eve of the new year, I'd like to give you all a little bit of homework--so you can close the door on the past through forgiveness and receive "the key" to open the new doors into unconditional love.

IT IS ABOUT FORGIVENESS. This often appears to be a difficult concept for so many because some people feel that forgiveness means condoning the abuse or past hurt or consider it an act being passive. In fact, forgiveness is neither weak nor passive. They are acts of great courage! It is a great dissolver of blocks in your intuitive development. But even more it is a step to see your true soul for the truth of your soul is love and anything impeding that love is not your truth. It simply has become the "accepted truth" until you are able to move past that block.

Now, you have all heard about Forgiveness and you may have "think" you have done it already--until there isn't an emotional charge (ie sadness, anger or grief) then you have not completely forgiven that person/situation/sometimes you! It doesn't mean you are incapable or that there is something wrong with you--it simply means it is a unique process to each person and may be different for whomever is experiencing it.

I leave you with the following words of wisdom, Forgiveness doesn't involve anyone but you. It is not meant to help the other person or even fix the situation--it is about releasing you from this HUGE energy block/leak/drain. It is all about you loving you enough to move forward and past the pain/lesson/hurt.

It is the "ending" of a year...we are waiting on the threshold of a new beginning, so let's close some doors using forgiveness.  Make a list of people who (you perceived) may have hurt you (past-present-future) and what it is that you are still holding onto with them....basically anything that does not feel in alignment with love. That is not to say that you have to love them in the sense of romantic/familial/friendship love (there are some people that you have come across that you can take or leave so it isn't necessary about loving them in a relationship way); however, in this instance love means--no emotional charge/no anger/no grief etc. Hope that helps to make some sense to you all.   Look at each name on the list and say out loud"  I release you, (their name). I forgive you, (their name).  I love you, (their name).  I release you, (your name).  I forgive you, (your name). I love you, (your name).

Now, it isn't always a one shot deal you may have to do this longer for some people or may need to repeat the steps another night, but for tonight, let's release whatever we can so that tomorrow we can open a door to the new, the unconditional love we  have been wanting,

My wish for you is to use the keys you have to unlock the door to your future with unconditional love and close the door on your past through forgiveness.

Love to you,

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