Friday, December 7, 2012

Inspirational Snippet: Exactly As It Should BE

I was prompted by my guides to share today's Soul Star Healing Facebook message to the children of earth and expand a bit upon it.

Today's Message:  You are exactly where you are meant to be.  We hear your frustration of how you think "it supposed to be" or how "it should look".  We hear you and know what you desire.  We know you look at things from the constraints of being a 3D human, but dear ones YOU ARE NOT!  We remind you that you are a multidimensional human.  We now tell you--just because you are not seeing it in the way you so want to or in the time you wish KNOW it is real and it is so and it is happening.  Simply allow it to show up perhaps in a different way than your head imagines because for this one your heart is in the lead.

This one is quite self explanatory.  Stop trying to "figure it out".  Stop trying to "understand it".  Stop trying to "make it happen". Stop "trying".   Simply  be who you are each and every day.  There is no need to adjust you unless there are things you wish to change and then just simply do it.  Be in your heart with everything.  When you spend the energy trying to figure it out, understand it, making it happen or trying--you mess with the perfection of your heart's knowing and delve into the human ego which is based more in fear than in love.  So we emphasize to you today to stay in your heart and when you catch yourself trying, etc.....take a three deep breaths and come back to your heart. I know, I know easier said then done--me too on some days.

My wish for you today is to be in your heart.

Love to you,

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