Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 91: Almost There

First, let me start off the day with saying so much for my 30-60 day journey; it is apparent to me that I will be writing until my twin and I reunite. Perhaps when it finally happens, I shall say HE IS HERE. That would be my blog post for the day. :)
I like the sound of that. So one of these days, you can expect that...

Second, I had a dream last night where one of my friends I hadn't seen in awhile came to one of my classes. She said hello and pointed to her belly and said, "are you?" I knew what she meant. She wanted to know if I was pregnant. I said no and she paused for a moment and said, "well I am seeing it again (referring to seeing me pregnant) and it is stronger now so it is really close. I see twins." It really stuck with me, I woke up thinking about it. It occurred to me that she meant the twins will be birthed soon. My reunion is very near is what I feel. I also feel like there is some truth to the pregnancy in the sense that I am pregnant carrying the vibration of my twin until he is ready to be birthed as a twinflame. I also think there is some truth to pregnancy because he and I are going to have a baby girl. I see her and I talk to her sometimes too.

Third, yesterday, I was at the Acupuncturist. (I am really going to continue the work I need to fix my body so that the back pain is moved out of my body for good.) Now, usually these appointments are really relaxing. Yesterday was the first day that I did not take Advil the night before or during the day--woo hoo so I was really clear. (ahhh, but I took Advil last night---really bad pain, but I am feeling better this morning.) Not to mention, I was so clear because I was receiving acupuncture which helps the energy flow that much better. Anyway, I finally start to relax (it is community acupuncture so others are in the room too.) When I got there, I was alone. But, as I was drifting off to the higher dimensions to talk with my beloved twinflame, I felt another conversation taking place. It was between me and another, but no big deal. Then it became, me and another and then I felt pain like you wouldn't believe in my neck and shoulder. At that point, I had to open my eyes and I looked over and the acupuncturist was putting a needle into the woman to my right in exactly the same spot I felt pain. It was horrible at first until I identified that it was not mine.

So, I was able to go back into the 12th dimension where I spoke with my guides. They told me that my beloved is near and it is all happening. They said that the energy of the twinflame reunion is now in the 6th dimension so it had trickled down and only one more dimension for it to travel to him in physical form. Phewwwww--one more thank Goodness, but remember it was 2010 when it was in the 8th dimension--it took all that time, but when you think about it. It really wasn't such a bad thing and well I can handle it is soon. I did travel to speak to my twin in the higher dimensions and he said, "Hang On, I am almost there." Then all day yesterday, I kept hearing the song, "Hang on, Help is On The Way" by Little River Band. I even woke up to that song on and off all night and then again this morning.

Anyway, before I left the Acupuncturist's office, I gave readings to the two women because what had happened, when they came into the room, the Acupuncturist began putting needles into the first woman and I was with her spirit in the higher dimensions (she was not aware) and the information was so beneficial to her as to what is going on inside of her. She had a life in Ancient Rome and the experiences in that life are coming up now and she is experiencing the same emotions now which is causing the pain she is experiencing today. (not the same problems clearly because "time" is different. The same thing happened with the other woman in the room. Her past life was associated with the time of Ben Franklin and setting up this country's government. Again she was experiencing the same emotions as in that life. These women were lucky to get so much information about what needs ti happen in this life to solve the physical manifestation of what they are experiencing. I hope they do work through it and use the information I gave to them. It was so clear!!

Fourth, some interesting stuff is coming up about Mary Magdalene and me. The connection is more than just the twinflame connection. I will write more at another about that.

Finally, I am surrounded by bumble bees here in my back deck. I have been outside for about an hour as I meditated and wrote this blog post and they keep swarming around me. I shall talk about them tomorrow.

Okay...I have to work for the day,...blessings to all.

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