Thursday, July 14, 2011

Across the Nile to the Alabaster Store We Go

I am back in the hotel room now hours later. So our journey to the boat, and yes it was a journey. We ended up walking down to the Nile from our hotel. (Mind you I have been so tired lately that the walk was a little bit of an effort.) We walked the shorter way to the Nile than we did the night before which was a good thing . However, we walked to one dock and the boat wasn't there so we walked to the next one. There was only about 8 of us going to the Alabaster Museum. We finally found the right dock and we had to walk down these really dangerous steps that weren't really steps more like a narrow, long vertical climb with skinny planks of wood made to look like steps. hahaha

As if that were not dangerous enough for a group of people on little sleep, we had to climb aboard one board to climb into another boat on the other side. Yes, in case you were wondering what that all meant: we used a boat as a walkway to the boat we were going to take. Talk about scary, this all happened in the dark of the night.

Then we sailed across the Nile at night in the beautiful evening air. It was quite magical after you get over the fact of how we got onto the boat. When we made it onto the other side we had to walk up that slightly angled vertical walk again to get to the top where there was a cab waiting to pick us up. It was a little bit of a drive to the store.

When we got there, we had a private appointment for us to look around. There were so many things to choose from. I knew immediately what I wanted to buy. A white alabaster pyramid and a statue of the Goddess Bastet.

However, like all of us, I had to be cautious of the amount of money I was spending there so it took some time in deciding what to buy. I mean there was so much that I would want it I could afford more, but the most important thing was to buy what I wanted to be used in my office.

I made my decision fairly quick which as most of you know that when I am purchasing something if I am meant to have it there is no question it happens quick and when I am not sure I need something it takes forever and I don't buy anything. So there I sat waiting for others to make up their mind. Meanwhile, the shopkeepers started to smoke and it made me sick. I can't believe how yucky I felt. The slight headache became even worse. I was starting to really feel sick. I couldn't wait to leave.

But I left there purchasing the alabaster pyramid. Here is a picture of one I found online
(This isn't the one I purchased as mine is white and sits in the middle of my office altar. If you want to see it, you just might have to come to my office.)

I also chose the Goddess Bastet statue.
This Goddess is Joy, Music, Health and Healing. The most important gift from this Goddess is protection. (My Bastet Statue greets you at the entrance to my office and protects the office especially while I am not there.)

Finally, we were able to leave the store and get away from the smoke. I don't think I have been around that kind of smoke in so long and I feel my immune system is a little low from not eating healthy and from crying all day. My headache has gotten worse now I am feeling nausea.

We made our way back to the boat. I took a small empty water bottle with me so we can capture some water from the Nile. The boat stopped in the middle of the Nile so I could scoop up water from the Nile to take home with me. I was able to get quite a bit of water and when I arrived back to the hotel I gave some to a few different people.

We made it back to the hotel with about a half hour before we had our group gathering. I came back to my room and thought I would take a 30 minute nap so that I could go to the meeting, but I missed it again. I just woke up a few minutes ago which is about an hour after the meeting started. I suppose I could technically go upstairs to the roof for the meeting, but I felt like I wanted to journal a little bit and my headache is still there, but much better.

Now, I am getting ready to go back to sleep. I am really missing my twin. I wish he were here with me. I feel so distant from him. I hope he is missing me too. In some ways, I can't wait to come back to Egypt with him. I always believed my trip to Egypt would be with him. Perhaps, someday it will be....

For now, I will dream of him tonight and go to is time.


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