Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Abydos--the Cool Picture Part

I don't know what else to label this entry as yet other than Abydos. Such a small name for such a big experience. Wow!! So when we get off the bus after a bit of a ride from Luxor, I see up ahead the entrance to the temple. And yes, if you guessed stairs again, you are correct? I am going to have a great butt and legs after this trip with all the climbing and walking. hahaha They sure ache at the end of the long day.
We had our mission to ground light from Core Crystal to Great Central Sun and then the opposite 3 times each.

We first were given the guided tour from Setep En Ra. He really has been a marvelous tour guide and so helpful to our group. Here are pictures depicted on the ceiling. Can you see the helicopter? Can you see the submarine?
It really is incredible when you think about it that these depictions are of things we can recognize? Amazing and so intact still too! This is a great pic from DebRa...if you look closely enough the ball of light(the sun coming in) looks like an angelic being...I see wings, do you??

This is the cool picture part, but stay tuned for the really cool part and a glimpse of EstaRa that is up next...


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