Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Magic Magic Are We The 33

The Temple at Abydos is one of Solara An Ra's favorites. She talked to us about it and told us that depicted on the outside wall is the FLower of Life. She also told us that there are some great wall depictings. I have to say as we drive there on our way I am getting a little overcooked on temples. This is the second to the last one. I hope when this trip is over that I will remember what is what, but who knows after awhile sand and temple are beginning to look a lot alike.

Solara just channeled her guides and they let us know that we are not alone. Her guides informed us that not only are her guides with us, but our guides (each one of us) are with us. They said we are not just 33 on this trip, but we are 33 times more powerful than just one on this trip. It is interesting to think about us as this powerful, but each of us alone is extremely powerful and if you put us all together well you got it all then! The P's say we are 1000's of time more powerful...Magic--Magic--Magic.

Our mission is three-fold: 1. to ground light from the Great Central Sun to the Core crystal here three times and then three times up from the Core Crystal up to the Great Central Sun. 2: sing our name in this place (using sound as a mechanism to tap into our soul. 3. Well not really three--I just add it...get pictures of the depictions of a helicopter and submarine. These were created in ancient times, could they have known then? Was it a vision of the future? Or did they have them and humanity just lost that technology? hmmm

Did I tell you that I have since decided to take the sleeper train back to Cairo? hahaha Yes, of course I did! But just making sure you were paying attention. Besides I'm not worried about it, can you tell? hahaha Of course, I am worried, but all is as it should be as my guides so kindly, not so gently remind me from time to time.


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