Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Towel of Love

It has been such a long day today. I really would love a nap, but there is still more to do. I want to go to the Alabaster Museum (which is really a place to shop). It is planned to go in about an hour. We are taking a boat to cross the Nile over to the Alabaster Museum because it truly is the quickest way to get across the River.

I have been crying so much today that I feel exhaustion is setting in. I have only had a few moments of no tears. My eyes feel tired, physically I feel tired. I have a slight headache. I just made it back to the room to freshen up a bit before heading out again and there on my bed is a beautiful heart shaped towel. Oh yes, more tears. But to see this is just what I needed. I see hearts when I need them in everything and now here it is on my bed.

My roommate had a swan on her bed that actually looked more like a snake coming out of the bed. I am so grateful that my bed was the heart because it spoke volumes to me. I feel like it is my soul (my twinsoul) giving me the message of love. It was so magical and it has given me enough steam to get going and meet everyone downstairs for our trip to the Alabaster Museum. I am so excited about this. I really want to get some statues to go home with me and this is probably my one and only opportunity since I didn't shop last night.

Thank you Universe for sending me love.


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