Friday, July 1, 2011

Channeled Message: Balance Must Come to the Earth

Message from the Masters of Light, June 18, 2011 in Middletown, CT. This message came during a Reiki Level II Attunement.

Greetings, Dear Ones,

We gather here with you today on your day of attunement. EstaRa is preparing herself for the initiation for each of you. Each of you shall experience a personal healing today and a personal attunement. The healing will be to remove any blockages from receiving the divine light, dear ones. We wish to tell you that while you are here, there are things happening to the earth, dear ones. Your attunement will bring you closer in connection to the earth. You will experience the earth changes as well. Each of you is on a path of light and dear ones, as you move forward on this path, you will know in which way you must go. You will know in which direction to take your life for it will change for each of you. Do you feel the brightness of the light as it comes into this room at this moment, dear ones? That is intentional for you to feel the light surrounding you as we speak to you.

There are those of you that are feeling sadness and grief inside. It is okay, dear one. It is okay; for that is your releasing and it is necessary for you to feel all that you have been feeling so that you can make room for the energy that is coming to you today, dear one. EstaRa is not even aware of the attunement that she will be receiving today. Her body has been preparing all week for this attunement. She too, is to expect changes in her life, as well. It is imperative that each of you nurture your soul, for your soul knows that in which it desire in this time and space. This time and space upon your earth is filled with fear and chaos, dear ones, but you can be above the fear and chaos if you choose to be above the fear and
chaos. It is important that you make that choice, for going forward on your earth, much is going to happen that will unravel you if you allow it to. That is why, dear ones, EstaRa teaches balance and we remind her to teach balance, balance, balance in your lives.

It is time, dear ones, that balance come to the earth; it is time, dear ones, for you to step into your rightful role as lightworker, as a warrior of the light. We need you to help us bring the earth into ascension. The earth has been evolving into ascension for some time now, dear ones, but we need you lightworkers to
step into your roles of light and to let go of the chains of fear and the past that have bound you to the place you are in or have been in; the places you are trying to stand up and rise above. It is time, dear ones, for we need you. You are our ground crew. You are the ones you have been waiting for. We will support you and your journey. We are here to support you and your journey. You are not alone,
dear ones and there are many more of you than you can imagine. And you will find each other soon. Soon, the voice of light will get louder and soon, you will see the changes that occur that are necessary for ascension.

The time is now, dear ones. The time is now. Trust in your path and heal all that is in the way. Release all that keeps you chained and locked in to 3D. Release those chains upon you, for when you release them and when you heal them, they can no longer come back. You may be wondering why it is things keep coming back; we know EstaRa wonders at times, as well. They keep coming back because they have not been permanently released from your auric field and your karma. Now is the time you can release all that you need to. If you so choose, dear ones, that means seriously looking at your lives: what is no longer working for each of you? Take a look at it and change it to fit what your soul desires inside of you. You do know that which we speak. We feel you know that which we speak of, including EstaRa.

You have been gifted with this message today for it more than just an attunement; it is a healing that you will be receiving today. It is love, honor, and respect that we bring this message of light.

We are the Masters of Light.

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