Tuesday, March 8, 2016

International Women's Day

Good Day Everyone,

I was guided to share my facebook post for today….enjoy.  Oh and Happy Day to you Beautiful Goddesses!

It is International Women's Day!

Dear Women,

We are on the planet at a time when it is far more powerful to be a woman than before. There has been a hold on our growth and evolution of humanity because of the suppression of Feminine Energy and a domination of Masculine Energy , but dear ones, that suppression can no longer be maintained with such an out pour of Divine Feminine Energy flooding our planet and the awakening of the masses. We have a right to vote, which in and of itself is quite powerful. Thanks to the women, who came before us, that came together in unity to fight for that right against many odds and won! They were able to get the 19th Constitutional Amendment passed in 1920 and we as WOMEN should not find any reason to not utilize that right--our voices are worth hearing. But now, we are in a time where our voices need to be LOUDER. We have much more work to do with regard to Women's Rights in this country/world. There are women still enslaved either physically by a system that enslaves women as subservient beings, mentally by gender bias and views, emotionally not allowing women the right to be who they are and the unconscious gender bias views that are pervasive in our society. We are HUMAN BEINGS first, Women Second and should be guaranteed the rights of all HUMAN BEINGS equally. I encourage you to recognize your light and support a cause that will help you and other women expand beyond where there have been obstructions.

I send love to all my Women Friends---Women who agree with me, who disagree with me, who shine and who choose not to, who are mothers and who are not , who are standing in their power and who are afraid of their power, who are grateful to be a woman and who are not, who have fought for our rights as a woman and who have not, who have chosen to rebel against the norm and those who choose to fit in. It is our prerogative as a woman, a human to be WHO WE ARE! I congratulate each and every woman for BEING THEIR PIECE OF THE PUZZLE we call humanity. We have come so far and yet, we still have so far to go. The Divine Feminine Energy that is flooding our planet is making way for us to be in OUR POWER in a LOVING WAY. Let's Do It!

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