Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Quick Energy Update: Unseen Revealed

Quick Energy Update:

We are in the Eclipse Sandwich--we are now in the middle of it and just entering the Solar Eclipse Energy. Take a deep breath, there is more to come. It seems endless does it not? The continuing clearing and purging possibilities are endless during these times. It makes for very chaotic energy, but the beauty is once you let go of some of the deeper, darker fears/patterns/behaviors/beliefs that have been long buried and "unseen" you will be done with them and come out on the other end sparkly and fresh.

Yes, I know sparkly and fresh may not be what you are looking for, some of you just want quick rinse. hahaha Unfortunately, but fortunately, this is a profound time of healing. I mention the "unseen" barriers coming up for clearing and release. The most important take away is that you are given the opportunity to clear away all these "unseen" blocks/barriers that you had to love. What does that mean? It means you didn't even know you had these blocks, but recognizing them and clearing them is instrumental in you letting love in. Twinflames, particularly, this is a key of sorts to open the door to divine union. Many of you have been waiting for this to happen--well the key is here. How do you wish to proceed? Turn the key unlock the door to all kinds of revelations about who you are, what motivates you and what prevents you. You can work through those emotions in a real physical, mental, emotional and spiritual way which involves greater magic or you can choose to ignore the key. The choice is yours--it always is! Dare I say, this is the easy way? Doesn't sound easy, does it? My personal feeling is it is definitely a lot easier than heading through another round of trauma to kick up this stuff and add another layer down to work through. Just my opinion here.

Last evening after several days of emotions/tears and true releasing, I asked my guides to lead me to
what is happening with this Eclipse. It is uncovering deep familial and ancestral wounds, patterns, fears etc. Need I say more? Family stuff from this life, previous life, your family's life, and their previous life. We often talk about timelines merging, overlapping--well this eclipse is a true expression of that with your family stuff. I highly recommend that you honor where you are at with this energy.

How to survive guide: (I laugh as I heard those words just now from my guides.) These are their quick tips.
1. Eat lightly--heavy foods will add to the heaviness of movement of emotions
2. Drink Extra Pure Water--stay hydrated as you are clearing away all that no longer serves you.
3. Get Outside--even if 10 minutes of fresh air and sun.
4. Breathe Consciously throughout your day. (we usually leave it up to our bodies, right now--let's not trust our bodies will breathe well through this.)
5. Plow through the thoughts/memories/fears through writing/creative expression.

Okay...see you all in the ethers and on the other side of this eclipse. ~EstaRa

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