Monday, February 11, 2013

Inspirational Snippet: Say Loving Thoughts

Inspirational Snippet: Say Loving Thoughts

Hope all my New England friends are safe, warm and at peace.  This blizzard really hit us harder than expected and I have been living out of town at my parents this past weekend knowing the snow would bury me under feet of  snow--I don't own a shovel at my apartment so it was a good decision. The pleasure of being psychic is that you get a heads up and grateful I did.  Anyway, I am hoping to get my schedule back to normal tomorrow.
Onto the snippet:
"We are what we believe we are."   -A quote by  Benjamin N. Cardozo

I always teach my students that we are what we say, think and believe.  We create our reality with our thoughts, words and beliefs. I chose this quote because we are so often our own worse critic and treat ourselves most unlovingly. Today's snippet is a reminder to think about how you talk to yourself. Here are some good questions to ask:  How do you typically define yourself? Do you tell yourself and others that you are slow and methodical, that you have two left feet, that you are lazy, or unimaginative or that you can’t hang on to money?

In our unconscious self talk, most of us rarely say positive things about ourselves. Today, sit back and think about how you talk to yourself, what you think to yourself and what you have accepted as a truth.  List the positive and the negative ways you describe yourself. Then look over your list and contemplate how those definitions limit your ability to be cosmic in your outlook and performance.  Then rewrite how you would like to be described and start to own that list instead.  Use all the loving language you can to describe you, your life and what you wish for.

My wish for you is to say loving thoughts to yourself.

Love to you,

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