Monday, February 4, 2013

Inspirational Snippet: Love Is You

To me February is the month of love---it uses symbols of the hearts, the color red and Love being expressed to one another.  I call February the month of love and therefore will send you messages of love: love for yourself, love for one another, how to express, how to feel more and just simply some good tips for loving you, the earth and every living thing in it.  I apologize for the delay in starting the month of love messages, but I was incapacitated for several days and am just now getting back so bear with me....

The first message I wish to share with you is again from my favorite book, Emmanuel's Book III:

"Let me remind you, Love is not something to be earned.  It cannot be judged, meted out, or taken away.  Love is something that you are."

Reread that above quote.  Let it fall softly into your being and let it be a reminder as to who you really are.  The love in me honors the love in you.....

My wish for you is to re-member when you are simply you are love.

Love to you,

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