Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Inspirational Snippet: Choose Love

Those of you that are aware of energy shifts and changes will know that Sunday will be the New Moon--which next week will establish New Month--New Beginnings....and know that it is full of potential and love. Remember it is never too late to change, express and be the love that you are.  It is best to share it with like-minded souls and if you don't have many surrounding you now--then now is the time to reach out to the world around you and find them...take a class, join a group and reach out for others that are just like you.

Today's affirmation came to me when I was thinking about something that happened and how I chose love over perhaps a reaction from fear of the situation.  Out of frustration and anger, we tend to make decisions and comments based on that moment. It is too easy to react from that place of "reaction" (anger, frustration). In talking to a friend it helped me to remember that I should react always from a place of love when I make a decision/comment/response, but in that moment, it seems sometimes easier to let the frustration of a situation affect me. The interesting thing is that I do know so well the difference of reacting from love or fear:  I could  feel the energy of frustration affect me: it shortens my breath and my mouth gets tighter. It is too easy to react from this place when we are confronted with something that upsets us, but it is best to take notice of our bodily reaction, sense our feelings and take a deep breath. Allow yourself to fully breathe three deep breaths; and your energy will shift to the vibration of what we want that much quicker which is a place of love.

The affirmation I wish to share with you is:

I live and choose from a place of love.

My wish for you today is to say this affirmation and remember to choose love.

Love to you,

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