Thursday, February 7, 2013

Inspirational Snippet: Muddy Boots = Love

How much love do you have in your life?  Do you know there is so much love around you?  Are you aware?  Today, I wish to make a suggestion to you to invest in love.  Invest at least 15 minutes today into reflecting upon all the love you currently have in your life.  Ponder it deeply.  See the love that is there...the love that you want there or don't want.   Don't want, you ask?  What I mean is--that sometimes the people we want love from they are
incapable to giving it or they don't love us.  We tend to focus on that "lack" as a society, rather than focus on the "abundance" of love that we have.  I am sure you are still wondering where is she going with this.  I want "so and so" and "so and so" does not love me.  Bear with me a little longer.  Look around you and recognize today all the love that is given to you without even asking for it .  This is the love we often take for granted because it is so abundantly there.

For example, the mother who makes chicken soup and tells you that she is sending you home with a big container with it when you don't really need it.  But that soup was made for love for her family and she wants to give it to you so that you can experience love.  Or the father, who tells you, you should get your tires checked every once in awhile for the air.  It isn't because he to blame you for not taking care of the car, but he wants you to know that he loves you and cares for your well being.   Or the child, who comes home from school when you are tired and wants to tell you every single detail of their day even when you are not in the mood.  Listen with ears to the abundance of love that child is pouring out on you.   Or the child who comes running in with the muddy boots, with a rock they found they wanted to give to you--that rock is the expression of love carried in from those muddy boots holding that child you created in love.  Or the friend for no reason, brings you by some oranges because she bought too many or had extra--those oranges contain the bonds of love and friendship.   Or the friend, who answered in the moment you needed her to. The love is there.

These are just some examples of love that surrounds you all day, every day in many ways, but unfortunately, with life happening so fast, we seldom recognize it and take it for granted.   Now, does that make sense?  I am sure it does.  Believe me, if you invest the time today to see/feel/acknowledge the love that is there, you will be basking in love.  It is there....just notice it and allow it to come into your heart--I promise you you will be more love-filled than ever.

My wish for you today is to reflect upon the love that already surrounds you.

Love to you,

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