Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Inspirational Snippet: Open Your Heart

Good Morning World.  I was prompted by my guides to send out today's message of love that I posted on Soul Star Healing's fan page on Facebook.

Today's Message: Open your heart today to love. Love is always there and never abandons you. Faith in that will allow you to see the opportunities as they come your way. Love comes in many ways, it can be a person, a new adventure, an idea or a dream coming true. ~EstaRa

When you remember to remain open to life's opportunities, you begin to see how they transform you. Yes, you may be thinking that your heart is open, but if you do not allow yourself to receive love from others or gifts of the heart from others than your heart is not fully open.  I was told by my guides several years ago that my heart was not fully open. I couldn't believe they said that, but then they clarified for me that it is not fully pen if I don't allow myself to receive gifts, love or compliments from others.  It was something I had to work on to realize that I am worthy. And, boy did the universe ever show me how worthy I am with the beautiful beings in my life.

Others may be thinking that when I open my heart, I've gotten hurt and I don't ever want to hurt that deeply again.  Unfortunately, if you don't open your heart you, you will never be able to feel love that deeply again either.  There are so many reasons why we close our heart and often is comes down to feeling the fear or pain (emotions) that is associated with being an open heart.  But dear ones, you are meant to have an open heart and each experience truly does make you stronger.  I know, I know you've all heard that one before.  The truth is that it really does make you stronger and fulfills the path of Enlightenment that you are on.  Without those experiences, you would not grow and you would successfully complete earth school.  A while back I saw a bumper sticker on a car that I totally loved:  The bumper sticker said:  "Life is the School and Love is the Lesson".  I love that quote and love that sticker!  (By the way, if you come across that bumper sticker in your journey--I'd love one. Please send it my way.)It is such a deep and profound truth, we often forget, we are simply a soul that has come to earth to learn in this human vehicle that we call a body.  It helps us to remain open to love when we recall that simple fact.  I would suggest writing that up on the wall somewhere you can see it daily..it will make all the difference in your world.

My wish for you today is to Open YOUR HEART.

Love to you,

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