Thursday, February 14, 2013

Inspirational Snippet: Love is the Answer

Good Morning Everyone,

I am so excited because this is the LOVE DAY!!!  My favorite. It is a day that people tend to freely express their love for another.  (My personal opinion is that it should be everyday that express their love for another, but unfortunately, in our society it has been limited to days, perhaps it is our puritanical background? Hmmm...not sure ,but either way, I do believe that is changing...why I say/show love all the time when I feel so moved and I don't wait for a special day.)  I digress, so i will come back to today's snippet.  It is short and simple.

This past fall, I was walking on Hammonassett Beach as I always do, I grabbed a shell I found and played in the sand as I walked down the beach: wrote spread love, drew some hearts, wrote love and finally I wrote in really large letters: LOVE IS THE ANSWER.   Continued my walk with one of my students and we found a place to sit and meditate overlooking the water. Now as most of you know, writing in the sand with a shell/stick or in chalk on a sidewalk/road is not unusual for me, I try to spread a little love everywhere I go so no surprise there. (on a side note--you should do it too: for two reasons you will feel so good to know that you are bringing not only a smile to someone else, but love to them too and it just feels good to spread love wherever you go--you are helping to create our new earth in love.)  When I finished meditating, I saw a man wave over to me.  I didn't know him. He shouted something, but I could not understand what he was saying. So I got up and started walking to him.  He walked to me and said, "It was you who wrote, Love is the Answer?"  I said, "Yes."   He asked, "What was the question?"  I replied, "that is the answer to every question."  He smiled and said, "have a great day."  I bid him the same and went back to my student. 

It wasn't until I got this morning heard those words in my head that it hit me how right I was and how profound that brief chat was.  Love really is the answer to every question. For example: Does it mean if you ask what color shirt should I wear today?  The reply would be love.  No what it means, is that go to the place of love inside of you and answer from there.  So for today, being Valentine's Day most people will want to wear red because red symbolizes love on Valentine's Day, but if you really went inside of you, you may discover that you do not like read and that you love BLUE.  If following my thought process, you would wear Blue instead because from a place of love that is what you feel.  Okay that was a very simplistic question, but you get my point, do you not?  Now, take some time to practice this in your day today with EVERYTHING!  And make this your mission to see LOVE IS THE ANSWER TO EVERYTHING.

Happy Valentine's Day!  From my heart to yours I wish you love and beauty in every corner of your day.

My wish for you today is to see in your life that LOVE IS THE ANSWER.

Love to you,

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