Thursday, January 3, 2013

Energy Thoughts: End of the Beginning

I have been starting and stopping this email since the 26th of  December.   I think I can write today and finally get this out to all of you—but we shall see.   I have decided to write this one in two parts.  This part will discuss a bit of what has happened/happening until January 11.  Onto it then…

We are now through the gateway of the 12-12-12 and we are moving past the “Mayan End date “ of 12-21-2012.  But, we are not past the energies of the Galactic Center—oh no we are only in the beginning of it.  A dear soul whom I love, once quoted from Winston Churchill the following:  

Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”  It seems the appropriate quote to use here.  

We are moving into transition/assimilation/creation/transformation/union.  That is a mouthful and I am not sure I captured all the words to convey such things, but I think you get the gist of what I am saying.  The changes began well before December, but as we approached the 12-12-12 gateway so much more began to transpire building up to this current wave of the New Year Energy.  Meanwhile, the dropping away of the old energy paradigm began to show up on an individual scale.

So let me take you back to early December, I had a client come in and shared a story with me. (forgive me if you heard the story before, but it bears repeating here) .  She saw something on tv or facebook(one and the same these days) and it was about a policeman who purchased shoes for a homeless man.  She told me she cried a lot when she first heard this, but not because the policeman bought shoes, but that the there are people without shoes and further more there are people without homes.  I looked at her and could feel her heart-breaking; breaking open of a closed off/numbness.  She said to me, “this shouldn’t be ok.  This shouldn’t be happening in 2012.” 

This is a great example to share here because a great deal of society is/has been in that closed off/numb/immune place.  This showed me just what the energies of the “end times” are doing to people.  It is creating situations where individually we are reaching into our hearts and “feeling”.  Now, do recognize it isn’t a recent discovery that there are homeless/shoeless/foodless people out there---the recent discovery is that humanity one by one is discovering that we should no longer have tolerance for such things.  And yes, this is a harsh reality, but clearly we as a collective have accepted that people are homeless/shoeless/foodless/etc for a very long time---it is seen in the policies that are made in both governments and communities locally, nationally, globally.  (on a side note, sincerely look at the decisions in government and see where our tax money goes) I digress, back to the energy update.

So much was packed into December 2012; so much so that it had impacts on each person etherically, physically, mentally and emotionally.   EVERYONE was impacted; there is not one being on this planet that has not experienced a shift within them. However, perhaps you/they are unable to tangibly see or know what exactly it is that has clicked for you/them.  Or you may be one of us who has/ can put their finger on it right away.  Either way, something has changed.  Do you see it with other people? 

The example above from my client represented a shift from within her.   Now with the advent of this new energy, all these internal epiphanies are happening, but are not necessarily being shared openly just YET.   Oh they are either waiting until someone else shares it first or afraid to share thinking that people will judge them because remember some of these epiphanies should be obvious to the human eye—but they have been covered over by the US and THEM energies that were prevalent on the planet previously.  Do you see?  The energy is hitting home—as the separation energy is slowly moving out of everyday living and being replaced by the energy of you Unity—I am you and You are me; people can now feel it/experience it.    Bringing back the energy of oneness, tolerance for such things as my client discovered is quickly dissipating.  When you are numb/immune/closed off/brainwashed by others ideas it is easy to “not see”, but when the heart is opened it isn’t so easy to tolerate.  But even more, when your heart is opened, that is when you can do something about it.  Imagine that many people feel this way that my client did?  Then, they would gather together to do something about it?  Homeless Shelters, food kitchens, etc, right?  Wrong!  When WE ALL (as one) realize that this is not ok—then we banish it and live in Unity.

The month of December pulled up/opened up/threw salt on emotions making way for humanity to make the ascension gate of 12-21-12.  And humanity did.   The time leading up to Christmas was one swept in reality and the falling apart of the illusion.  The truths of what is not working in our society began to be seen, but not only on a small scale---a global scale.  With the tragedy that occurred in Newtown, CT there was an uproar from ALL—across the globe! It brought to “light” several questions/problems/promptings that need to be addressed in a society that has been placed in separation and darkness for too long.  The problems reach farther than Connecticut—they reach all societies because the problems are real and not going away.  It is still having an impact upon humanity in terms of who is still choosing the old paradigm versus the new.    As I talked about above, what happens when we ALL (as one) realize that this is not ok—then we banish it and live in Unity—but first things need to happen to bring to light what needs to change—again humanity needs/needed to awaken from its slumber of immunity/numbness in order for change to occur. 

 Many people began popping/snapping/clicking into epiphanies: some obvious and some not so obvious; some personal and some not so personal, but most importantly they spent the good part of the last days of 2012 in preparation/waiting for the right time to “spring board” off with their new found awareness.  The time between the “popping” and action is where we are in waiting…also known as the lull that we all felt this holiday season. 

What to expect the time between the 21st of December and January 11, 2013 is the popping/clicking/snapping into place of each individual’s discovery of what isn’t right in their life, right in their world and right in the world.   Now, does that mean everyone?  No, surely not.  It does mean; however, that those who are “popping” are ready for the next steps on their journey and don’t be surprised if you see that showing up in more external ways than simply within their radar/awareness.  Now , in case you were wondering what about those who are not having epiphanies that you can recognize—oh they are!    You are just not seeing it yet---give them time to adjust to the new awareness.  Others you may see/sense/feel  undergoing the purging/grieving/ transitional phase.   No matter where anyone is in terms of their journey—we are all in this together. 

As the quote above says:  Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”  Perhaps, it is the end of the beginning and now the work begins...let's  construct the world we want.. .

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