Monday, January 14, 2013

Inspirational Snippet: Physical Pain

I was reading again this morning one of my favorite books, Emmanuel's Book III; and again, some great information came to me. Recently, I have seen a rise in requests for prayers and for healing.  There are a lot of people experiencing physical illness, pain and discomfort.  It has always been my belief that physical ailments begin in the energy body/field.  In basic terms the energy field is made up of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies that hold energy pertaining to those parts of you.  The ailments begin in those energy bodies before manifesting themselves into your physical being.    I want to remind you that everything you do to "feed" your energy body through spirit has more power than simply addressing the physical issues alone.  It also matters how you approach the physical malady in terms of your thoughts (mental body) and feelings (emotional body) as they have a great deal of power over your physical state as well. In essence, let this be a reminder to you that you are more than your physical body; therefore, be sure  to address all your "needs".
Now, to quote from the book I mentioned above...

" Pain did not come to be your enemy.  It may be hard to love, yet it is there for your embracing.  Pain is a teacher and not to be feared.  Hear it as the voice of loving truth telling you, "Wake up and pay attention now."

 Please read that quote once again before moving on.  Make the connection today if you can as to what is happening in/to your physical body and begin to understand from there the message it is sending to you and what the lesson it is that is being taught to you. Many of you have known me for some time, while others have just met me, but do you know the story of my journey?  My life was completely different than the world I am living in now. To be honest, to people who knew me back then--I am practically unrecognizable--sometimes even to me!

My initial motivation for learning Energy Healing (Reiki) was to relieve my physical pain. At that point in my life, I was plagued by many physical ailments such as endometriosis, acid reflux disease and severe chronic pain in my back and neck that was diagnosed as Fibromyalgia.  I was told by many doctors that I would just have to live my life in pain and on medications.  This was not acceptable to me.  l had sought out alternative holistic healing modalities after a long and unsuccessful journey in the world of traditional medicine.  I had begun my emotional healing journey long before, but nothing sparked my move forward more than Reiki.    After positive experiences with Naturopaths and Chiropractors, I began to put more weight on alternative healing modalities. My first encounter with Energy Healing had such a profound affect on me that I immediately sought out a teacher and began my soul's journey.   This not only sparked the healing of my entire physical body, but opened me up to a world I never dreamed possible.  Prior to working on healing my physical body with energy work, I was so steeped into what everyone else's expectations were (religious, societal,familial) that I didn't know the real me nor did I address the fact that I wasn't happy.  In retrospect,  I didn't look at my health problems back then as my teachers; but they were the best teachers and still are because I can truly pinpoint why I had the physical conditions I had in relation to how my thoughts (mental body) and feelings (emotional body)were or in many cases were not being expressed.

No matter what the ailment, physical pain or discomfort is--the message is about waking up  and see what it is trying to teach you.  It could be teaching you many things and if you listen to your inner voice, which is loud and clear, when you do choose to do so, your whole world will open up and show you how easy it is to change and then LIFE REALLY BEGINS!  Listen to your body--it is talking to you each and every day:  Often a physical ailment such as a cold/flu could be telling you that you simply need to rest.  Perhaps you push yourself too much to meet everyone's needs, but you have the need to honor you each day and perhaps a cold is one of the ways your spirit can convey that message.  Something more serious or acute, such as a heart attack could be telling you that your heart has been closed; and the heart attack is a way of "breaking down those walls" and opening your heart up to feel.  Perhaps you have been emotionally hurt and lack trusting someone and never truly allowing love in and this is one way to get your attention and change your life.   Whereas chronic ailments could be telling you that something really has to change with the way you are living your life (or for some people not living).  By the standards of society, religion and family your life looks wonderful, but perhaps your soul knows another way or has been nudging you to find your way in the direction that may be completely different than what you were living.  (I left my really traditional life of working in government and then choosing to leave my pursuit of my JD/MSW to follow the little voice inside my soul and now I can't imagine it another way. I also know that if I didn't look into another way of healing (and ultimately living) that I would probably be very sick/unhappy and in a really bad place emotionally If I wasn't already gone.) 

My wish for you today is to look for the lesson in the pain. If you need some help with discovering what your body may be telling you then, perhaps it is time for some guidance,..I'm here and I'd love to help you reconnect to the true you...the one who is ready to be "AWAKE."

Love to you,

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