Sunday, January 6, 2013

Energy Thoughts: 2013 is here: Snap, Crackle Pop

Part Two: 2013 is here

So it is the new year of 2013 and boy, are we in for big surprises.  So things have been bubbling up over the last weeks now.  Do you sense/feel/see it?   We are now in full flow of the energy coming in and transforming us all to a higher consciousness. 

Happy New Year!  Happy New Earth, Everyone.   On New Year’s Eve,  I turned the television on (yes I do that every once in awhile—very infrequently though) and watched the ball in NYC drop to signify the new year (first of all I want to comment on the fact that having a ball drop to signify the new year should be seen as the old energy paradigm—if you think of a ball dropping—it doesn’t quite convey the idea of new beginnings, new opportunities, new choices—perhaps it is time to rethink the ball dropping thing.” Just something I thought of right now as I am writing this.  I digress…anyway, as I watched the last 59 seconds of the old year—it occurred to me that that was the fastest minute I had ever seen.  Did you notice that as well? I asked others and they agreed too!  It was just another human sign of our timelines moving more quickly—syncing up with what the unseen said would happen—movement to the no time, no space zone. 

I watched the New Year’s  Eve show a little longer and they cut to a concert happening in London where the announcer at the end of the performance, shouted out, “We need your help”.  This, of course, was an implication of monetary support.  Then something clicked for me….all these voices ran through my head and ads were playing in my head, “We need your money.  We need you now.  Please donate.  Your support is needed.  Let’s fundraise for this.  Let’s fundraise for that.  Donate Now..” All these voices past through my head representing now and years past where everyone wants something. Every organization wants money, every organization wants you to donate, every organization wants you to fundraise….  Everyone wants something—it has become a business.   Not to mention that many businesses are created to “maintain” the world as is in the old paradigm (drug companies/hospitals/ military/weapons just to name a few) when, in fact, we (the largest scale we) ALL just changed the way in which we lived, there would be no need to donate/fundraise.  If our focus became LOVE, rather than the focus being the “problem”, we wouldn’t need anything else because each person would do their part because they loved the part that they are, because they love the part that they bring and they love the part that they do.  Everyone would realize that the old paradigm of power and money no longer work and choose the new paradigm of love and unity.  It all begins inside! 

This brings me to what is happening to the energy field of the people on the planet.  Everyone is waking up to their part—EVERYONE!  Yes, even those souls who you thought were not awakened; have been as of the “Mayan End Times”.  The 21st of December sparked a whole new beginning to human consciousness—it can’t evolve with only one person—it would require one and all.  My feeling is that over the next several months you will see people “popping/clicking/snapping” into place where they hadn’t before.  You will see them doing things you never dreamed they would do: leaving relationships/careers/locations primarily for no other reason than they had the epiphany to do so.  

These last couple of weeks leading up to the New Moon of January 11th we have been in the waiting phase so to speak.   There has been little movement forward and an outward quietness if you will amongst the majority of people on the planet.  Internally, I feel there is anything but a quietness going on inside everyone.  There is this bubbling up of truth that is ready to pop from the mouths of those people who have been held back by not speaking/living/being the truth.  There is a building up of what the next steps are for each person because everything must happen individually before we can change the world collectively. 

You can expect things to move forward more rapidly once the January New Moon arrives.  As with most new moons, the energy is about new ideas, new opportunities and dreams, but influenced by this sweeping energy of awakening; the energy will be more potent.  The energy is here, but there is an initiation required.  The initiation into this new multidimensional energy requires removal of anything that is not authentic and love-filled.  Oh yes, the times are magical, but first anything that does not feel authentic for you needs to be moved out to make room for what is truly aligned with your soul.  This is the snap/click/pop that I referred to where your soul’s truth will take precedence over all other rules/things/beliefs in your life.  In real human words, what does that all mean?  It means people will be confronted/faced/presented with all that is not in their highest good; ie the ugly/the truth/the hidden/the forgotten things/emotions/behaviors/beliefs.  Yes, you may be thinking, this has been happening and we have been experiencing it.  It is different now, not only will these things come up, but the power is here now to release and create anew. This makes way for all kinds of miracles to take place; if you didn’t believe in them before; you certainly will soon enough.  This is it:  the way; this is what we have been waiting for ; this is the shift to a higher consciousness—a one love, a unity connection. 

The whole time I have been writing part 1 and part 2 of this message, I kept hearing the old Rice Crispies Commercial of “Snap, Crackle and Pop”.  It is an appropriate thought—and so it is…

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