Thursday, January 17, 2013

Energy Thoughts: Moving Sidewalks

With the advent of the New Moon last Friday,  I felt a huge shift occur—we moved into a new frequency.  As I am writing this  I am seeing the earth literally being moved from one place to the next.  It makes me think—so much for the slow transition process—for some of us the change will be anything but slow—I am getting that for some people we will literally “wake up” in a new energy daily—as humanity shifts.  We are moving forward—I am hearing that song, I  Can Dream About You from the 80’s with those lyrics:  “moving sidewalks under my feet” .  This is to be expected as humanity enters a new ascension level.  It is an interesting concept to think about moving sidewalks because that means things are moving without you doing anything. But as you begin to do something, the energy and movement happens faster—think of those people movers in airports that carry you forward.  I keep getting visuals as I type this—how lovely—so the next visual is that the sidewalks are being laid down as you walk and sometimes they cross to a new direction and sometimes they come to a crossroad and you get to decide which way to go—it doesn’t matter where you are: you are moving forward. With my description just now it may not appear as you are moving forward, but you are.  Remember , there is no time and no space in a multidimensional reality there simply is movement.  It is all in how you decide to make things happen. 

Everyone is on their own journey so everyone shifted frequency, but because we each have our own journey/ path—it may not be the same as you.  Each at  their own pace some faster than others while there are those that will drag along while to them they are waking up .  Be kind and be gentle with them.  And, remember this  makes way for some amazing energy.  New possibilities new opportunities.

Okay so that is the exciting energy of the new Moon that we felt and it lasted from  1/11 to 1/14, did you all have some great/easy/epiphany days during then ? If so you, you rode the wave for sure and did you catch the next wave? The next wave came just as fast as the last wave. I woke up on the 15th with such a different feeling than the days before—the heaviness that was in the air prior seemed to return.  Some of us saw the New Moon as a “breathing opportunity” and a beautiful energy while others experienced it as a wakeup call.  What does that mean I think to myself and my higher self answers with: emotions flooded it, the walls of fear came down for a few moments so some were feeling what it would be like to be in a new reality and energy pressed upon us to look at what they are doing here.  It is almost like red lights began flashing and some people saw them.

So here we are this week with all this energy---the only way to be okay is to  remain in balance/grounded/neutral as discussed in previous energy thoughts.  The most important thing to remember is to be aware that the energy is contagious—the emotions around you are contagious because even though at some points they seem to be in a distant past for you—they are still there  and many live in that energy therefore you may be surrounded by the contagious emotions/stress/drama.  Create a routine and/or a key phrase or word to “snap” you back to your Moving sidewalk—not someone else’s. 

The energies of the coming week/s are moving forward.  We collectively moved to a new time where everything shows up—where are truths surface and our energy opens to the creative power that we are.  It is imperative that we open and begin to move past the blocks that reveal themselves to us.    We created these obstacles for our soul’s growth at this time…just as we need to find away to remove ourselves from the unconscious distractions that we pull in day to day to prevent us from finding our own answers, such as:  busyness, shopping, drinking, lost on the internet, searching for the answers outside of yourself.   It is time to make quiet time within you as part of your routine so that as things reveal themselves to you…you can not only discover them, you can change them.

Be still my beautiful friends….in that stillness you will discover the beauty of who you really are…

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