Sunday, May 4, 2014

Energy Thoughts: Objects Are Closer Than They Appear

Happy May Everyone,

Hope you are all surviving this massive time of transformation.  We are on the other-side of the Eclipse Sandwich of transformation and change.  The first eclipse was the Lunar Eclipse in the wee morning of the 15th of April and now we've just closed the Solar Eclipse on April 29th.  The eclipse energy sandwich is now closed that is until we have another later in the year during October.  Oh these energies are massive.  They have been anything but small bursts from the sun as we've been experiencing some major solar flares too.

Sorry to interrupt the regularly scheduled Energy Thoughts, but it feels as though I  need to talk briefly about the Solar Flares as everyone seems to be getting pounded with their energy infusions. We experience Solar Flare Energy on all levels:  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  If you are high vibe like me you actually begin to feel the effects of the solar flares immediately upon its release from the sun.  Oy--often I am the only experiencing it around me and I think what is happening because no one else seems to be in this place, then a day or two later I see others getting the effects of the solar flare hitting them.  Now, most people feel the effects of the solar flares1-3 days after the flare left the sun so if you hear one has just left and you haven't experienced it, then know it is on its way to you.  Here are some "symptoms" that you are experiencing the Solar Flare Energy: extreme exhaustion, sluggishness, sleeplessness, intermittent sleep, confusion, brain fog, aches you didn't know you had, increased body inflammation, headaches, blurriness, frustration, shortness of temper, old fears/memories coming to surface, increased sensitivity, anxiety, crying, etc. There are plenty more than I listed, but that was just to name a few.

The more important thing is how to survive the solar flares.  I channeled, the Arcturian Masters of Light, for some information about how to protect/heal/maintain yourself during the massive solar flares a couple years ago and they suggested a few things. Here are a few steps to take to make sure you are balancing yourself during these times of high energy.

1. Drink Plenty of  Pure Water.  Preferably, purified spring water.
2. Stay Grounded.  This may be a time when you easily become grounded.  Go outside and commune with Mother Nature if you are able to. If you can't get outside, perform a grounding meditation and do so regularly when you start to notice symptoms.
3. Eat foods with high anti-inflammatory properties.  These include fresh fruits and vegetables as well as some wonderful spices. An example would be Turmeric (Curcumin) a wonderful spice that if eaten or take in a higher dose acts as a great anti-inflammatory.
4. If you get emotional, do your best not to numb it or stuff it down, allow the emotion (whatever it may be anger, tears, frustration even joy) to come up and experience it. If you take the time to experience the emotions, particularly the painful ones, you will notice that during these times the opportunity for spontaneous healing is great.
5.  If you are more tired, be sure to rest when you body needs it. Yes, sometimes this includes naps even when we are in a society where self-care can often be frowned upon. Recently, I began using herbal infusions and I find them to be an excellent way to obtain the healing properties of nature.  One  to help with exhaustion is Nettle. I learned about Herbal Infusions from a well known herbalist, Susun Weed.  You may go to her website for more information on Herbal Infusions. 

Those are some of the things you can do to help you through the Solar Flares because while the Astrology might be powerful, crazy-good energy (depending on where you are on the ascension spectrum), the solar flares definitely have direct impact on what is going on with you body-mind-spirit and may not be so crazy-good.  So let's step away from the solar flares for the moment.

The eclipse sandwich is over and we are still here.  "Phewww" describes how it feels to be done with that. hahaha   As soon as Wednesday came around, I felt an immediate shift in the energy and have been in "love" with it since.  Now that we are in a new energy, everyone is ready to move forward right?  Fast and Furious?  Well, that is the thing, we (many of us) are all ready to move forward, but it isn't a burst through quick thing, instead it is a slower transitional thing. But not as slow as some of us remember from ten years ago (thank heavens energy does not move that slow anymore).

Meanwhile, the last few days and particularly Friday, I really witnessed the shift in my visual perception.  Everything looked more vibrant and different. As I drove to my chiropractor's appointment, I looked over at the outside mirror that says "Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear." And, it occurred to me that the  New Earth has arrived.  "OMG!" (Oh My God for those of you confused.)   What I have discovered is that while all the pieces have not moved into place as of yet, they are moving into place, but they are moving gradually as I mentioned above. But let it be known, that the transitioning is happening.  Everything is closer than it appears to be, even our new reality.  This is so exciting to me. I can hardly contain it in me as I type, i mean there is a me that wants to get up and dance (but with the back thing--that ain't happening yet!).  If you are a fan of mine on my Facebook Fan Page, then you know the past two days I feel so much love and the possibility of miracles arriving. Oh it has been a beautiful journey of love and miracles.  I believe miracles may happen for me with healing of my back and yes, my beloved twinflame too! This is so exciting to me as I type this because I feel the excitement in me building, are you feeling it too?

Again, "EVERYTHING is closer than it appears to be" ...hmmm what a great little message for me to look at my mirror.  The thing I experienced the other day, the knowing, that what I wish for/desire is actually already manifested and the universe is now giving me signs of what is to come and how it will come about.  Now, I don't get specific details because if I did, we all know that I would ask so many questions and expect it to look exactly that way.  I mean wouldn't it restrict the possibilities with expectations of how/when/what/where?  Instead, I should be open and ready for pleasant surprises, right?  Well, I am!

So what does all this mean for you? We are  in a time where our new earth begins to take shape in the physical world.  Do you see how things are changing gradually making everyone more aware? People are beginning to talk about things they normally wouldn't or their perspectives on things have changed or their life has more clarity than ever. I've been seeing it everyday.  When I was sitting in my car, looking at the mirror, I  looked across the parking lot that I was in and noticed that I felt and it looked like I was in Guilford, in my parking lot and yet at the same time, it didn't look at all like I was here.   mean it all looked different and yet the same. It was at that moment that I realized we are living on the New Earth.   It means it is time to KNOW without doubt (yep, all you doubters, are you listening?) that you are already in the reality that you have been manifesting. You might be thinking,  "Ahhh, but I don't see it yet."  Oh but you must live as if so that it will begin (if it hasn't already) to appear in you life.  We have been creating/manifesting since 2012. While I have been living this life of physical pain the last year it didn't occur to me until now, that what we put out there in 2012 as what we wanted to create, it has taken all of 2012 and 2013 to clear the path, pave the way and allow the universe to build it. (Kind of like the movie Field of Dreams, remember that one? "If you build, they will come." )  Well dear ones, the universe along with the inner work of humanity has been orchestrating it: the New Earth. All the transformation we have been experiencing, while extreme at times,  the changes/tearing down/breaking apart/rebuilding foundations for you to work from has been part of the plan all along.  The more "kicking and screaming" you do/did is/has been the transition.  We have arrived; and while it may seem slow now, realize that the next couple of months in particular you will find the momentum picks up and the energy moves us forward with those new realities.  Now, as the energy changes/shifts again (because you know it will and I know it will), it is really important to hold tight onto what the new reality is for you.  Things will pop up and be in need of some clearing, the universe will ask if you like the progress (that is what you are manifesting) and you can change it at anytime, but hold tight to that "vision".  But like 38 Special sang in a song from 1981, Just hold on loosely, but don't let go. If you cling too tightly, you're gonna lose control."  You won't lose control, but you will try to control the outcome and again that is not how miracles happen. Instead, I say, expect miracles, but do not expect how/when it will appear--just know it will. 

Again, we say to you KNOW WITHOUT DOUBT and it shall be. 

In love, blessings and light,

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