Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Inspirational Snippet: Inner Knowing and Outer Vision

Good Morning Everyone,

It is a bright, sunshiny Sunday morning in CT and I am loving it. I have been waking up the past two days with songs in my head and the word magic jumping out! Just a reminder to me and all of us that we are magical beings of light which brings me to this morning's snippet.

Emmanuel's Book II: "In meditation it's all so simple. Why does everything get so complex when I open my eyes? Because you have been taught to believe what your eyes see rather than what your inner eye knows. A switch of allegiance is needed."

I love this snippet!! I love it...I love it...I love it! It resonates so strongly with what I know inside of me and my morning music the last couple of days. It is a reminder that the true magic is inside of us. We do know the truth of things when we learn to trust what we "feel, see and know" inside of us. Unfortunately, as the quote says we have been taught to not trust ourselves. We learned that from even a young age when are parents would tell us how we feel. For example: I remember having "people" (spirits, beings) in my room at night and my parents turned the lights on and didn't see them and told me no one was there. This taught me to not believe what I knew to be true. Did my parents do that on purpose? No, of course not; they didn't "see" what I "saw" and it is that simple. And since we are children our small world includes our parents, other relatives and teachers as the authority and all knowing, I chose to shut off my knowledge and "fit in" to what my family believed. I believe that is when I began to distrust my inner knowings.

Unfortunately, this is one way we give away our power, but it is also a very important concept to see. Once we identify it in one area of our life we can identify it in another area. That is the first step to reclaiming our inner truth. It takes practice to quiet your mind enough at the beginning to allow the truth to come through. However, I promise you that if you start to listen to your inner truth it gets louder than the rest.

I admit that this is sometimes one of the hardest lessons because we are so programmed to look outside of ourselves not only for answers, but for validation to what we believe to be true. And often validation doesn't come, not because people do not want to validate our feelings or truths, but because they are so caught in trying to do the same for themselves. It is really hard sometimes to "see and know" something and yet the external appearance of things is anything, but what you "see and know" inside of you. ( I am sure many of you know of my twinflame experiences--great example of what I mean.) However, it is possible to strengthen that part of you. It is possible to hear your inside voice louder than your outside voice. It is simply the matter of practicing and learning to hear it. When I teach my students and work with my clients, I often say to them this is what I feel and know to be true; however, you need to go within you to discern if there is a resonance to your spirit. With any information you hear and receive, be sure it resonates with you before owning as your own.

Once you open to assistance from the other side they will assist you with listening to your heart. My biggest teacher of this has been Archangel Michael. He taught me many years ago to listen to what I knew to be true in my heart despite the words I was hearing and it made all the difference in the world to me. Open to your heart and I promise it will make all the difference in the world to you too.

In love and light,

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