Thursday, October 6, 2011

Breakfast Appointment

It's breakfast time! Just finished actually. At least there were some eggs and cheese and other stuff that became all too familiar for breakfast in Egypt like bread. ick!

It was another moment of saying goodbye so many people were leaving earlier than the New York group. We are all going home on the same flight tonight...that is DebRa, Solara, Crealo, Abbi and me. I don't think I am forgetting anyone.

DebRa asked if I wanted to do the Museum in Cairo. Some people have opted to go to the museum again, but I have my session with Crealo and that seems like the most appropriate choice for me to stay and work on me since my whole trip has been internally focused. I have cried so much on this trip...I have a feeling that I may be just about to cry again. DebRa just found out about a great little place to eat falafel really cheap; DebRa and I are going there for lunch. We are going to go to a grocery store across the way to buy some snacks for the plane trip home.

I told DebRa I should be back in an hour. Off to my session I go.


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