Friday, October 21, 2011

Channeled Message from Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel on Healing

Preparing my message for the day for fans of my Soul Star Healing Page, I received a message from Archangel Chamuel about healing. I was prompted to not only share on Facebook (as I post a message each day there), but I was guided to share with you all too.

Archangel Chamuel's Message today is about healing. This time of transformation and change is providing healing opportunities to clear your chakras of past "debris" and it requires you to honor your body, mind and spirit in your own time and space. It doesn't matter what one person is doing in their life, it isn't a matter of learning all healing modalities as is about you and your ...healing. What are you doing today to heal you on this journey? A lot is going to change quickly dear ones in a short span of human time, are you prepared? Go within and know that preparation comes from you, you are in control, you are the captain of your ship, you are the one you have been waiting for. It is time to stop looking outside yourself for the answers, guidance is fine, but it is a must that you learn to rely on your own guidance in these times for that is where your truth is. Chamuel suggests healing and clearing of your chakras. Look within you and see what is not working and identify which chakra is carrying the weight and work from there.

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