Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Citadel

Our final stop on the tour of the Old City of Cairo was the Citadel. It was really beautiful, but the truth is that after the Synagogue Experience I was still whirling around in my head with all kinds of emotion, not to mention still reeling from emotion over the last several days of the trip. The Citadel Complex was really quite beautiful and ornate.

In this picture if you look closely you will see the Tourism police standing at his station and yes ...gun on shoulder. Imagine that. If we had tourism police, would they have guns? It is really kind of scary. I guess we don't realize how free the US really is.

It was really quite beautiful and ornate.

When we walked into this courtyard of the complex, we had to remove our shoes so that we could walk into the mosque to see it. It was so large and I can only imagine how energetic this place would be with prayer happening. We were there at an off time, but just as we were getting ready to leave there was more that was to happen.

As we walked out of the mosque, there was a little market on the other side. Always ready to make some money even on the other side of a "holy building". Carole (Ebron Ra) and I looked at the scarves. I purchased an orange one and so did Carole. We figured if we bought the same one, we would never forget each other. It would be a great reminder that of our newly found friendship. This is me wrapped in my orange scarf.
I know I look mysterious...okay so some of my friends think I look really scary....I think I look mysterious...let's choose that...


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