Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hold Tight to Your Dreams

This message was channeled live on Friday, Septemeber 30, 2011 through EstaRa.
Channeled Message: Live In Your Truth
Dearest Children of the Earth,

We ask you to hold tight to your dreams. There is one more wave of the roller coaster for you to ride out. But we ask you to honor yourself and get in touch with what it is you truly desire. We ask you to stay away from what others think you should be or do. We ask you to stay away from what you think is right or you what you think you should do or what is expected of you. We ask you to use this time to get in touch with the real you. The soul you--the part of you that you have allowed to lay dormant. The part of you that you have silenced along the way. We ask you to quiet your mind long enough each day to hear that part of you. If you listen you will know exactly what it is you are meant to do, how to live, and simply learn how to be.

EstaRa's new phrase of recent is "Get real with yourself". She is emphasizing get real with yourself by being truthfful to you--honest about you and your stuff. She is correct in emphasizing this with you. What is really no longer working? What has become or has been a struggle for you? Is it or has it only been working because you silenced a part of you or shut out what it is you truly desire? Now is the time to let it go and leave this baggage behind you. You have the magnificent potential to transform any and every aspect of your life, dear human. Nothing should or could hold you back from releasing the old--simply choose to embrace the new. It sounds easy, does it not? It is that simple, dear ones.

It is that simple--simply intend each day to live from your truth. The truth from your soul is one that is playful, honest, fun and by far, easier than any other way...that is how you know. Does that answer your question of how do I know it is from my soul? Dear ones, you bring us much joy and laughter for you remind us of us and our journey to the light--perhaps a different dimension (time and place for those of you humans who do not yet understand the multi-dimensional concept.) The truth is we underwent changes once upon a time too--that is why we are here guiding each of you now--we remember--you will too. Soon you will remember who you truly are.

It is with love, honor and respect that we bring you this message today. Namaste.

The Masters of Light.

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