Sunday, July 18, 2010

Channeled 7.17.10: Downtime

Hello everyone,

This channel came yesterday when I was sitting outside writing in my journal. I have left out the part that was directly for me as that may not be of interest to you, but the rest is for the children of the earth.

July 17, 2010

Dear Children,

We love you and are here for you. Now a lesson for the children of the earth: downtime. It never looked so good. Making a choice to take care of you is all that downtime is when you look at it simply. But it is so much more—it is the opportunity for us to commune with each and every one of you. We are able to download codes to awaken your DNA. We are able to bathe you in a bright white diamond light and refresh you.

Did you know that is what happens when you are alone and quiet? Ever wonder why you choose to stay alone and away from the noise and into nature you go? That is how you assist us. Oh your human self craves it, yet not fully understanding why, but your spirit knows that which we speak—all of you—all you lightworkers. If you allow yourself to listen to the quiet voice inside you—you will know and you will respond by cancelling events that are not necessary, choosing to sit in nature, turning off the sound distractions that you have become so accustomed to hearing and just letting yourself be.

If you don’t listen to your inner knowing and keep yourself busy with mindwork and fluttering around you will wear yourself out. You will find you do not fell wellness. You will find that you feel you lost your connection, but you mustn’t ever think your connection to spirit ever ends.

We teach to you today about downtime because for your Channeler she is learning it too! For your channeler it is summer and an appropriate time to find downtime—you earth beings look for excuses to have downtime and to have fun—there is no need to make excuses, but if you must then make the sun shining on a summer’s day the perfect excuse and because it is your summer—others will find it acceptable too!

On another note—sleep for your channeler has been broken up—we ask you to get up and work again—and you other lightworkers—we do come to you. Work you ask us what that means for each of you it is a different meaning, but inside you will know what means. We come to you at night at least that is what is what you think because we are with you at all times. It is simply the upgrading of your system that keeps you awake at night—why not take the time and make use of it. Night time is when your mind is at its quietest for most of the humans. We promise you that you will not be tired if you allow your body to respond to the energy as it comes—you get tired when you push against the energy. For example: it is night time therefore that equals sleep, but we tell you it simply may mean it is nighttime therefore it equals work for some. Look in your spirit it always knows what it is meant to do.

It is with love, honor and respect that we bring you this message today.

The Masters of Light,.

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