Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Inspirational Snippet: Twinflames Trust What You Know To Be True

On this 45 Day Journey of Transformation Class that I am not only taking, but attending as well I am discovering so many wonderful things that are helping me to fuel my twinflame faith and trust forward.

This is a snippet that I shared with my class the other day...

Several years back ArchAngel Michael came and spent the day and night with me to teach me about trusting what I know to be true in my heart. (By the way, this was not the only time he has taught me this, but it certainly was the most profound.)  I was going through something that I didn’t know whether to trust what I felt because what I felt was completely different than what I saw in my 3D reality.  He literally spent the day with me—how cool is that to learn from the ArchAngels?  They have been my greatest teachers—when I didn’t have human teachers. (because back when I was looking for human spiritual teachers—it just wasn’t happening—everyone told me to come back when I could afford it financially, really?   Most people give up and most people wouldn’t pursue their healing especially back when I started.  This is why my philosophy in my business is that I will help anyone willing to really work on their healing and evolution—we will figure it out reasonably, of course. ) So the ArchAngels are the ones who stepped in and taught me what I needed to know, and I am so grateful for them every day of my life.   I share some of their wisdom with you on this particular day when  AA Michael told me to trust what I know to be true in my heart above all else.  This whole day he was telling me to listen only with my heart center because it knows the truth. 

On this day, AA Michael even made himself small enough to sit in the passenger seat beside me.  He said that when I had a conversation with someone (this happened to be my twinflame he was referring to) to not listen to the words my twinflame would say, no matter what they were, listen only to what I felt in my heart to be the truth.  This was extremely hard because the words that came across were harsh and painful and at first I nearly gave in—how could I not?  I mean when you are bombarded by human 3D words in your face (reality to most of the world) it is difficult to dispute, is it not?  And honestly it made me cry and get a little lost,  but my guide, AA Michael, kept with me, instructing me to stay in my heart. 

So when I had the conversation with that someone I was instructed to listen to my heart.  As my twinflame spoke, I heard the words he used, but I could easily disregard them because I felt in my heart the truth—the difference was, for this person to speak they could easily use words, but for them to feel was much harder for them to access, but I  COULD FEEL what they were not saying. I could feel the truth from his heart to mine.  Looking back now, it was kind of funny because he spoke and I let him.  I even heard what he had to say, and they were not pleasant words, but I still had this warm smile in my heart and didn’t buy into what he had to say.  He didn’t really understand why I reacted so much the way that I did.  I didn’t cry—I just accepted his words and when I left I knew that what he said was what he thought he must say.

The difference listening with my heart versus listening with my head, was I could feel him—I could feel his truth--his feelings matched what I knew to be true in my heart, but they certainly didn't match his words.  See, it is really easy for us to get caught up in our minds, they are built to protect us—the programs we often run are to keep us from getting hurt—at least that is what our minds think they are doing.  What we don't recognize is that often the old programs are what causes us to get hurt.  Our brain likes to think, resolve situations by filling in the gaps with more thinking not more hearting,  and there is so much stimulation out there for our brains that we more often than not stop listening to our hearts and just focus on our thinking. Unfortunately, the way many of us have been taught is to ignore our heart and focus on what is "real".

Ever have those moments of OCD where your mind just doesn’t stop? I didn’t for the longest time, but then my car accident happened, and my brain started acting that way….the last few years I’ve had to re-learn how to navigate all this again.  Some days I have to admit are easier than others.  It does take practice, just like everything does. 

Why is it so important for twinflames, in particular to pay attention to their heart?  Well this is an easy one, our connection to our twinflames is direct from the heart, and that is the easiest way to hear their truth is through our own heart.   Go into your heart and connect with your beloved and allow the connection to grow--you will feel them, you will begin to hear them--even if you think it is impossible or you can't do that, I am here to tell you absolutely can.   This is the only tool the has really kept me on this journey to union--the truth be known, I've wanted to bail at least a thousand times. hahaha  And no, I am not exaggerating--I really believe it was that many times, if not more.

So I suggest that you start for just one day….ignoring what is in your 3D reality and feeling what you
know to be true in your heart.  Sounds simple enough?  One day? If that seems daunting and to some of us, it is and will be. Okay then let's take an hour at a time until you build up to where you want to be.   It might not be so simple, but it will be the best lesson you could ever teach yourself.   Go ahead and try…I’m here if you need me.  I will take this challenge today for myself—it may be hard for me as you know I've been a little worried about my twin's health over the last few weeks and I haven't gotten a physical confirmation that he is ok yet.  Good luck today on your journey of heart-listening--we all need to do this.


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